Zendaya Admits 'Disney Kid' Label Made Her Nervous To Take 'Euphoria' Role

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Zendaya portrays Rue so well in Euphoria but most viewers don't know that it wasn't easy for the actress to play such a mature role.

The star admitted in a recent interview that she was initially nervous to take the role because of her Disney past, which came with a label of being wholesome and kid-friendly, a far cry from the scandalous HBO series.

Scroll down to see what Zendaya thinks of her 'Disney kid' label and her transition to a mature actress.

Zendaya's Disney Days

The Spider-Man actress got her big break in Disney Channel's Shake It Up, playing the adorable Rocky Blue when she was only 14 years old.

In 2015, at the young age of 18, she produced K.C. Undercover, while also starring as the lead character.

“The only way I was going to come back to the Disney Channel was if I was in a position of more power,” she said in an interview, explaining how important it was to step up into a leadership role.

Nervous To Play Rue

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The transition from being a Disney kid to a mature actress was challenging for the young actress.

“I was really nervous because I wanted to do well,” Zendaya shared about Euphoria. “It’s like going from nothing to everything — there were no steps in between. That’s why people think it’s such a stretch for me to play this character. There’s a lot of people who probably think I can’t do it because they don’t truly understand my personality. And I get it: I’m a Disney kid. There’s a lot to prove.”

Emmy Award Winner

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Zendaya's portrayal of a lost and troubled teen was so compelling that she won an Emmy award for it, beating Olivia Colman in The Crown and Jennifer Aniston in The Morning Show.

She made history and became the youngest woman to ever win Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series at just 24 years old, proving she has evolved into a serious actor.

"I know this feels like a really weird time to be celebrating, but I just want to say that there is hope in the young people out there," Zendaya said in her acceptance speech.

Zendaya In 'Euphoria' Season 2

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Things are about to become grittier on the second season of Euphoria.

The latest trailer shows the gang mixed up in new dramas, hinting on a Nate and Cassie hook-up and also a possible new beau for Rue.

New characters are also seen in the mix, including singer Dominic Fike, Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr., and Minka Kelly, who will be playing a “drugged-out” suburban housewife.

Season two of Euphoria is set to air on January 9, 2022 on HBO. Watch the season two trailer below: