Bella Hadid Rocks Hair Buns In Her Bathrobe

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Rebecca Cukier

Bella Hadid is in a waffle bathrobe and showing off both her buns and her time travel skills. The supermodel offered her fans a little trip down memory lane in two photos shared to her Instagram this week - one came fresh, and the other was a throwback to one year ago.

Bella, 25, also made it a bit of not-quite Princess Leia affair with tight buns either side of her head. Check out the bathrobe action and reactions below.

Now Vs. Then

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Scroll for the snaps. They come as Bella makes major headlines for her latest Victoria's Secret gig - she joins the likes of model Hailey Bieber and actress Priyanka Chopra in fronting the lingerie giant amid its massive brand revamp.

Bella, recently in the news for stripping down to undies for VS, was a little more covered up here. The sister to Gigi Hadid opened with a close-up selfie while rocking a white waffle robe, plus a black hair net and old-fashioned pearl earrings.

See The Photos Below

Gazing deep into the camera and seemingly traveling as a suitcase was seen behind her, Bella reappeared in a shot from early 2021 - here, the Dior Beauty face had red/yellow-dyed hair, going naughty with a close-up gaze and seemingly sending "up to no good" vibes.

"Now vs 1 year ago," the catwalk queen captioned her photos, gaining over 1.3 million likes for them. Dad Mohamed Hadid wrote: "Love now and forever." Swipe for both shots below, just scroll for more.

Big Victoria's Secret News

Victoria's Secret, suffering allegations of toxicity and non-inclusivity in past years, is enjoying a massive boost thanks to its new, more inclusive approach. Bella has opened up on joining the brand, telling Marie Claire:

"It has been a few years since I've done anything with Victoria's Secret. What magnetized me to coming back was them coming to me and really proving to me that, behind the scenes, Victoria's Secret has changed so drastically." The label was once known for its Angels, ones including Kendall Jenner, Heidi Klum, and Gisele Bundchen.

Says The World Deserves It

Hadid added: "There was a type of way that, I think, a lot of us women who used to work with Victoria's Secret felt. And now, six of the seven [VS] board members are all female. And there's new photoshoot protocols that we have. So a lot has changed."

For Bella, the world "really deserves a brand like Victoria's Secret and to also feel represented by it as well." The VS Collective campaign also stars skier Eileen Gu and soccer star Megan Rapinoe.