Penélope Cruz Changed The Storyline For Her The 355 Character


What’s better than an actor who knows their onion? Someone who can contribute positively to a script, and that’s the definition of Penélope Cruz. Most directors and co-stars who’ve worked with the Spanish actress testify about her work ethic and contributory skill.

She brought her magic into “The 355” set when she insisted her character go in a different direction than the scriptwriter intended.

She Knows What She Wants

Cruz had a list of demands regarding her character in The 355 Graciela. Contrary to the popular government agent trope where characters are perfect badasses who know what they want, Penélope wanted Graciela to be human. She asked that her character be flawed – being perfect at her job but clueless at other things.

In his Variety interview, director Simon Kinberg said, “Initially, we imagined the character being more action-oriented, but Penélope said she’d seen the stereotypical fiery Latina character, and wanted to go in a completely different direction.”


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Family-oriented At Work And In Real Life

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Kinberg said, “She wanted her primary concern to be the safety of her family. She’s the person who sort of resists the mission they’re on, and that makes it more interesting.” Coincidentally, fellow actress Diane Kruger stated that’s the same way Cruz is in real life. She admired the Spanish actress’ marriage to Javier Bardem.

While presenting Cruz’s MoMA award, Kruger commended the couple to work as a unit and inspire her. Being a new mother back on the job, Kruger got some parenting tips from Cruz, including, “Just always make them feel like they’re welcome no matter what happens.”

Awardee Museum of Modern Art

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On Dec. 14, the Museum of Modern Art and Chanel honored Penélope Cruz celebrating film at its 14th annual Film Benefit. The mother of two accepted her award, surrounded by industry friends turned family. She shared some pictures with her Instagram followers, one of which had her flanked by Diane Kruger and fellow Oscar Award Winner Anne Hathaway.

Other celebrity invitees included Rosalia, Ricky Martin, Leslie Mann, and many more. Her years of hard work are finally paying off.

The 355

The 355 movie which is a tribute to the first female American spy Agent 355 employed by Washington, hits the theaters in January 2022. However, it was set to release earlier this year; the producers pushed the release due to Covid-19 complications. The film promises to be action-packed and emotional with an all-female A-list cast, including Oscar Award Winner Lupita Nyong’o and Nominee Jessica Chastain.

Cruz plays a compassionate Colombian DNI agent who’s worried for her family’s safety yet focused on executing her mission. Her demands changed the trajectory of Graciela’s character, who was supposed to be all brawn and no feelings.