Demi Lovato Arches Back With Swimsuit Happiness

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Rebecca Cukier

Demi Lovato 100% knew how to spread joy and confidence earlier this year, and they did it in a stunning bathing suit. The "Sorry Not Sorry" singer took some much-earned time off as they jetted out to The Maldives in August, with the Hot Girl Summer vibes alive and well in an Instagram post now sitting at over 2 million likes.

The former Disney star dropped three slides from an infinity and ocean-view pool, plus a beach, even including video action. Check it out below.

Always Popular In Swimwear

Scroll for the photos and video. Lovato, now in the news for showcasing a buzz head-shave and making 2021 headlines for coming out as non-binary, opened all smiles and kneeling on beach sands while backed by lapping blue waves.

The podcast host showcased their fit figure in a sporty white one-piece - all arms up in the air and wearing shades, Demi opened with a happy stretch before moving to a bit of squat.

"Alexa play Birthday Suit by @duckwrth," the caption read.

See The Photos Below

The "Confident" hitmaker, exuding plenty of confidence in the next slide, was then seen strewn across the shore, arching their back, and showcasing their tattoos and pearly whites - the final slide, meanwhile, featured Lovato at the edge of the infinity pool before rolling over and splashing right into the water.

Quick to leave a like was Netflix star, Jamie Lynn Spears. Fans, meanwhile, replied: "Gorgeousssss," also sending a long string of fire emojis. Swipe for it all below, scroll for more.

Eating Disorder Recovery

Demi continues to remain a talking point for their eating disorder recovery - the singer has admitted they began purging as young as 8.

“I remember being in pull-ups, still potty training, and running my hand over my stomach," they told The Sunday Times. "That was the beginning of the rest of my life with body image issues. It never went away in my whole childhood. I always felt like I was larger than other kids.” Skip the jump for more below.

Refuses To Destroy Mental Health

Meanwhile, a candid reveal on model Ashley Graham's Pretty Big Deal podcast came with Demi confirming:

“Someone needs to stand up for people that don’t naturally look that way. I had to work my ass off every day in the gym, six days a week, to maintain that figure and it’s just like, that led me only one way and I don’t want to go down that path again. I’m not willing to destroy my mental health to look a certain way anymore.”