Miley Cyrus Counts Down Til Her Must-Watch New Year’s Eve Party

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Christmas time means less than a week till the New Year, and in Miley Cyrus’ case, the CBS NYE party. The 29-year-old rockstar will host the annual New Year’s Eve gig alongside Pete Davidson next week, and she’s thrilled. Since her announcement, the Prisoners singer started a countdown to the main event, which she calls “COUNTDOWN till the COUNTDOWN.”

She’s been sharing throwback videos of her performances with her 155 million Instagram followers to amp up the holiday cheer, and these posts take us back to times we didn’t realize we missed so much.

Silent Night With Paul Shaffer

In 2015, Miley Cyrus covered the classic Christmas carol Silent Night with legend Paul Shaffer. The singer-songwriter wore a flirty Santa Klaus costume with a faux-furry pair of pumps to render her version. She passionately delivered her medley sitting on a white YAMAHA grand piano as Paul Shaffer strummed the keys.

The pair sang against a backdrop of well-lit Christmas trees as Miley effortlessly delivered high pitches with her legs crossed. She decorated her short hair with a festive headband to complete the Mrs. Klaus look.

Santa Baby With Mark Ronson

In 2018, Miley rendered her version of Santa Baby on the Fallon Tonight Show, which she calls a “Feminists Take On Santa Baby.” The updated lyrics clamored for women’s rights, calling out men buying love, pay discrepancies in careers, and sexual harassment.

Cyrus embraces the Christmas spirit as she dresses in green and red. Her long-sleeved turtleneck, lipstick, stockings, and hair ribbon are red, while her mini skirt and sandal heels are dark green. This song only reminds us of Cyrus’ ability to address serious concerns amid jokes, meaning she always has social justice in her purview.

Pete Davidson Might Not Show Up At The NYE Party

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While promoting their NYE co-hosting gig, Pete Davidson jokes about coming to the event, and Miley disapproves. The Malibu singer says, “Join us on New Year’s Eve, we’re hosting the biggest party live in Miami,” and Pete retorts, “As long as I remember to show up.”

Miley immediately rebuffs him, saying, “You know I don’t love that joke.” She insists Davidson would show, then he proceeds to make outrageous requests, all of which Miley rejects. She reminds him that her decisions are final (in a joking manner, of course.)

Performers Revealed

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At the tail-end of their joint invitation, Miley and Pete reveal some of the performers of the night. They’d previously been tight-lipped about the guests, saying fans would have the best time of their lives without mentioning any entertainers other than Cyrus. Thanks to this post, we know some of the biggest names out today would perform, including Jack Harlow, Brandi Carlile, Saweetie, Billie Joe Armstrong, and more.