MLB Rumors: Rangers Shocked Corey Seager With Their Aggressive Plan

Ernesto Cova

Corey Seager is the man of the hour around Major League Baseball right now, and not precisely because of his undeniable talent.

The former World Series MVP left the Los Angeles Dodgers to sign a mammoth deal with the Texas Rangers, setting the bar quite high for the remaining shortstops in free agency.

But, contrary to what most people think, Seager didn't leave the West Coast just because of the money. Apparently, he was pretty shocked by the Rangers' aggressiveness and determination to turn the team around.

Seager Was Impressed By The Rangers

Seager recently acknowledged that, besides the lucrative offer, he was pretty excited with the way they're trying to build a contending team right away:

“Just the people in general here. Knowing Woody from L.A., getting in the meetings with C.Y. and J.D., and really understanding where they’re coming from and knowing where I’m coming from, the stars just aligned and it’s a great fit," Seager said, per Dodger Blue."They’re ready to go. They want to start building this thing and they wanted us to be a part of it. Proving they’re ready by going out and getting guys like Semien, Kole, and Gray, and not being done yet. That’s really exciting as a player and it’s something you want to be a part of.”


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He's Looking Forward To Playing With Semien

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Seager also claimed to be looking forward to teaming up with Marcus Semien, one of the most beloved and respected veterans around the league right now:

“How can you not be excited about that?” the former World Series MVP said, per “To be able to learn from somebody who's that talented and to take little things that he does in this game that I might not and be able to bounce off each other and to be up the middle here for a long time, it’s all very exciting.”

Rangers Aren't Done Spending, Want To Sign Seiya Suzuki

More than that, it seems like the Rangers are far from done. According to MLB Trade Rumors, they've recently joined the race to sign recently-posted Japanese star Seiya Suzuki:

"Reports have already indicated that a trio of AL East clubs — Yankees, Red Sox and Blue Jays — are among the most interested parties, but Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News recently wrote that the Rangers like Suzuki as well," read the report.

Suzuki, who's been drawing interest for months now, is compared to Hideki Matsui and deemed the best Asian player since Shohei Ohtani.

They Don't Want A Single Player To Turn The Team Around

Even so, the Rangers know that it'll take a lot to fix a team that lost 102 games last season and that asking one or two players to do that isn't realistic:

“We're not looking to solve one player to be the finishing piece," Rangers President Jon Daniels told " But we're looking for players that can be part of helping to turn this around and really launch us to where we want to go and also that can help our young players develop as they get up here."

Even if you're not a Rangers fan, you've got to be excited for a team that decided to be competitive and spend big bucks to bring the excitement back to the game.