MLB Rumors: Freddie Freeman, Marcell Ozuna, Clayton Kershaw, And More

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It's been a wild couple of weeks around Major League Baseball.

The first days of the free agency gave us some huge moves, with big names like Max Scherzer, Marcus Semien, Kevin Gausman, Javier Báez, and Corey Seager all changing sides.

Then, the lockout came and things have cooled out a bit, or at least, that's what teams want the rest of the league to think.

In reality, all ball clubs are still trying to get their hands on the best players available. Here, we'll discuss the latest rumors on them.

Clayton Kershaw Could Sign With The Rangers

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For the first time in his incredible career, Clayton Kershaw is a free agent.

Also, for the first time ever, it seems like leaving the Los Angeles Dodgers is a true possibility for the southpaw legend.

According to Sports Illustrated's Fan Nation, Kershaw could entertain the thought of following Seager's steps and sign with the Rangers.

The left-handed star is a Dallas native and spends the offseason in Texas with his family. Also, the Rangers won't hesitate to outbid the Dodgers just like they did with Seager.


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Braves Looking At Replacements For Freddie Freeman

The Atlanta Braves seemed like a lock to bring fan-favorite and franchise stalwart, Freddie Freeman, back.

But Freeman and the Braves have different pretensions when it comes to salary and length of the contract, which is why they face the risk of losing him in free agency.

Now, Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic reports that the Braves are considering all their options, including trading for Matt Olson or making a run at Anthony Rizzo:

"The Braves explored first-base alternatives such as Olson and free agent Anthony Rizzo in November while Freeman lingered on the open market; Freeman, at the moment, is not a member of their team," read the report.

Red Sox Want Trevor Story

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The Boston Red Sox spent their early hours of free agency solving their starting rotation but they're nowhere near done spending.

Chaim Bloom will reportedly look to bolster their bullpen and he could also make a big splash by signing one of the biggest names in free agency.

Per MLB Network's Jon Heyman, they're interested in signing Trevor Story to shift him to second base:

"Story, I have heard three teams -- Seattle, Houston, and Boston. So it would be interesting to see with Boston. Obviously, he could start out at second base potentially, and we'll see what goes on from there," reported Heyman.

Will Marcell Ozuna Be Back With The Braves?

Even though Marcell Ozuna's contract with the Atlanta Braves runs through 2024, some around the league feel like he's not going to play for them again:

"The league’s investigation into Ozuna figures to take at least several months. Any court proceeding almost certainly will last longer. The Braves, then, can delay any determination on Ozuna for some time. But eventually, they must decide if they can accept the cost — financial and otherwise — of him remaining on their team," reported Ken Rosenthal.