MLB Rumors: Red Sox Could Make A Run At Clayton Kershaw

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Ernesto Cova

Ever since he made it to the league, Clayton Kershaw has been one of the filthiest, most dominant flamethrowers in all of Major League Baseball.

Kershaw anchored the Los Angeles Dodgers rotation and became a stalwart in the NL, putting together a Hall of Famer kind of résumé by the time he was 30.

But all good things eventually come to an end and his tenure in Los Angeles may not be the exception to that rule, as he's now an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career.

Boston Could Target Kershaw

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Multiple teams are expected to pursue Kershaw once the lockout is over and, according to FanSided, even the Boston Red Sox could try and lure him to Fenway Park:

"Bloom and the Red Sox are already paying big money to Chris Sale and it is a bit tough to think that they’d want to write another massive check for another aging lefty. But once again, being so close to another banner going up at Fenway Park can make people do crazy things," read the report.


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Why It Could Work

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Clayton Kershaw is one of the greatest pitchers of all time.

He's a 3-time NL Cy Young winner, 3-time NL strikeout leader, 3-time NL wins leader, 5-time NL ERA leader, a former NL MVP, a Triple-Crown winner, a Gold Glove winner, an 8-time All-Star, and World Series champion.

If he can go back to his usual self after the injury and Chris Sale is also back to full strength, the Red Sox would have the undisputed best one-two punch in the league.

Why They Shouldn't Do It

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Kershaw is coming off arguably the worst season of his career.

His 10-8 record in 22 starts with 3.55 ERA would be a career year for other pitchers but is a massive slide from his standards, and some fear he may start declining.

He's 33 years old and coming off an injury and he may not be able to live up to the massive contract he's likely to demand to leave the West Coast. They may have to overspend to outbid other teams craving pitching.

What Will Kershaw Do?

Well, this is anybody's guess.

Kershaw has just welcomed his fourth child to the world and is currently living in Texas, as he does during the offseason.

Corey Seager has reportedly reached out to him to try and convince him to sign with his hometown team Texas Rangers, while the Dodgers will most definitely try and bring him back.

Kershaw also talked about retirement earlier next season in an interview with the Los Angeles Times, so chances are that not even he knows what the future holds for him.