Don Johnson, 71, Says His Sex Life Is 'Better' Than Ever

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Alexandra Lozovschi

At 71, Don Johnson is just as bit as active in the boudoir as he was in his heydays. The Nash Bridges and Miami Vice legend recently revealed that his sex life had gotten "better" with age, saying he's honed his skill over the years to the point of turning it into "science."

Johnson dished on his lovemaking prowess in an interview with Andy Cohen on November 17. Coming on as a guest on his "Radio Andy" show, the septuagenarian disclosed some spicy deets that might leave men half his age taking notes. Read about it below.

Still Feisty

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Sharing that his libido remains strong and that his performance has improved with age, Johson disclosed that he's gotten stellar reviews from his ex-lovers, which include a string of famous ladies of the silver screen, such as Melanie Griffith, Barbara Streisand, and Cybill Shepherd, the Daily Mail reported.

When asked by the host if his appetite for nooky is as voracious as in his youth, the Golden Globe winner replied with a straightforward “Yes.”

Johnson went on to say "it doesn't" wane and that he "never" wished it would: "[I've] never once had that thought."

'Rave Reviews'

The legendary actor, who's been married five times to four different women , imparted some words of wisdom to Cohen, 53, that likely instilled hope into the hearts of many younger listeners.

"You actually get better at it [with age]... I have turned it into a science," he said.

“All rave reviews on Yelp for Don Johnson,” quipped Cohen, with The Long Hot Summer responding: "Well, I can't guarantee that, you know, circumstances being what they are. You never know what you have to work with."

He added proudly: "I'm feeling pretty good about the review situation."

His Reputation Precedes Him

It appears that the five-time-married celebrity, who has sired five children with three of his partners, is irresistibly appealing to women, and it's all due to his reputation in bed. The star told Cohen he's had women approach him in the past solely because of that.

"I've had that happen," Johnson shared, saying he's "never felt any of that pressure because most of my customers leave satisfied."

The father-of-five, who counts Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson among his brood, has been married twice to the 32-year-old's mother, Melanie Griffith -- briefly in 1976 and again between 1989 and 1996.

He also shares an older son, Jesse Wayne Johnson, 38, with former paramour and ex Warhol model Patti D'Arbanville (pictured above with Johnson in an old photo).

The Watchmen star was also reportedly involved with iconic "groupie" Pamela Des Barres.

Must Be All The Yoga

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Johnson, who's been married to San Francisco socialite Kelley Phlenger (pictured above) for 22 years, shares his three younger children with his current wife, 19 years his junior. The couple has a daughter, 21-year-old actress and model Grace Johnson, and two sons, Jasper Breckinridge, 19, and Deacon, 15.

The actor is in formidable shape at 71, and not just in the bedroom. Johnson recently revealed he's taken up yoga, putting his youthful disposition down to meditation and being physically active.

"I start each day meditating and do something physical every day like hiking or yoga," he told USA Today. "I started really doing yoga with my wife at the beginning of the pandemic. We went medieval on that. Real serious. I chose wisely to do a regular class with girls – and not men – because they will kick your [butt]."