WWE News: Drew McIntyre From Chosen To Champion

Tony Battalio

Drew Galloway burst onto the wrestling scene in 2003, wrestling mostly on the Scottish and British independent wrestling scene. He would go on to win the British Championship Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship twice in his early career. Even having a memorable feud with Sheamus O’ Shaunessy, before they both broke into the WWE. He would later move onto the Irish independent scene and capture the IWW International Heavyweight title as well. He would also go on to win the Insane Championship Wrestling, becoming the company’s inaugural titleholder. In late 2007 Galloway was signed by World Wrestling Entertainment.

"The Chosen One"

Debuting on an episode of Smackdown in October 2007 he would go on to win his debut match. Now going by the name of Drew McIntyre he would spend some time on the main roster before moving back down to developmental to get some more training under his belt. He would go on to win the FCW World Heavyweight Championship while performing in the development brand. In August 2009 he once again debuted on the main roster this time as “The Chosen One”. He was given that name because in storyline he was personally handpicked by Vince McMahon to be a future world champion.

Gimmick Change And Release

In late 2012, Drew McIntyre would start teaming with Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater to form a trio, that would call themselves 3 Man Band or 3MB for short. While originally promoted to be a serious heel trio, they would soon be reduced to comedy roles, and jobbing to top stars. After a few years of doing nothing but jobbing to stars and becoming a joke and far removed from who he debuted as McIntyre would be released from his WWE contract on June 12th, 2014. He would return to the independent scene where he would reinvent himself, outside of the confines of WWE.

Rebirth On The Indies

After being released from the WWE, Drew would make a return to Insane Championship Wrestling in July 2014, having gone back to using his real name Drew Galloway. He would go on to find great success in several companies upon his return to wrestling outside of World Wrestling Entertainment. Most notably he would go on to make a huge name for himself in Impact Wrestling, where he would become Impact Grand Champion and TNA World Heavyweight Champion on one occasion each. It would be this run in Impact Wrestling that would lead him back to the WWE, after only a couple short years away.

Return To The WWE

Drew McIntyre returned to the WWE in early 2017, after a brief and successful run in NXT he returned to the main roster as a heel teaming with Dolph Ziggler. After splitting from Ziggler he would go on to win the 2020 Royal Rumble and defeat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania to capture the WWE Championship for the first time in his career. He would go on to hold the belt for 202 days before losing it to Randy Orton. However, he would quickly win the title back only a few weeks later before dropping it to The Miz after less than 100 Days as champion. These days he has been shuffled around in various feuds with no real direction.