Salma Hayek's 'Haunted House' Is Inhabited By Multiple Ghosts

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Alexandra Lozovschi

Fans of the supernatural tuning into the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, November 8, enjoyed an episode after their own hearts when Salma Hayek came on. The 55-year-old Hollywood star, who is married to billionaire French businessman François-Henri Pinault, 59, made some truly incredible revelations about the couple's London home, disclosing it was "haunted."

Present in the audience, her daughter Valentina, 14, backed up her mom's story, confirming that she had seen the ghosts -- that's right, there's more than one!

The Eternals actress went on to detail what she's done to get rid of the unwanted ghosts, Hola! is reporting.

Read all about it below.

'Haunted House'

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Building on the gripping plot of her upcoming House of Gucci movie, which she discussed on the show, Salma divulged the no less intriguing story of her "haunted" house. When asked by Ellen what was the state of the place, she replied it was “not like before, definitely,” indicating her methods worked at least to some extent.

The Mexican actress detailed some of the strange phenomena that went on in the house, saying "the piano played by itself" and "the doors and the windows opened and closed.” She also mentioned that "lights go on and off."

“I didn‘t see these," Salma confessed. However, she noted that the odd occurrences were witnessed by some of her staff members.

Multiple Ghosts

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Salma revealed there were multiple spiritual entities inhabiting her London home. The award-winning actress learned their number after enlisting the help of a medium.

"He found like twenty [ghosts],” the Desperado star told Ellen.

She also gave a bit of insight into who some of these spirits were, detailing that her house was haunted by an old lady, a child, and a nun. According to the expert she brought in, the nun was a benevolent spirit and was very much attached to the house, refusing to leave it.

Staff Won't Work There

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Salma noted that the spectral activity in the home had made the members of the staff feel uneasy, with one particular employee being reluctant to set foot in the house. The Hollywood A-lister said he "didn’t want to work there anymore" and "wouldn‘t go to the third floor."

“I think he was drunk,” Salma remarked jokingly, although she later admitted seeing the ghosts herself.

Her daughter Valentina joined in from the audience to share her own experience.

“I’ve seen the actual thing," said the teenager, noting she witnessed ghost activity "twice."

Expert Help

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To put her family and staff at ease, Salma hired a medium to help guide the spirits.

“I said, look, I‘m going to bring somebody, even if it’s not true, at least they might, psychologically think it‘s over,” she told Ellen.

Although she welcomed the assistance, the actress was adamant about not using any dark magic or rituals: “No chicken legs, no chicken heads, don‘t bring some dead animal in my house.”

As for the actual procedure, the actress explained the medium saged her home, an effort that had no effect on the ghost of the nun. Despite requests from Salma's house manager that the spirit be removed, the medium said she “was here longer than you and she‘s not telling me to get rid of you!”

“She has good vibes! She stays!” he added.

Watch Salma tell the story on Ellen below.