Summit’s Mirrored Floors Inspires Dress Codes in NYC

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Christine Beswick

A new observation deck in Manhattan known as Summit has inspired a dress code suggestion to potential visitors. The dress code comes after an art installation known as “Air” with mirrored floors resulted in some sneaky peekers. Some visitors don’t seem to mind the suggestions of tights or leggings, saying it is "worth the risk" reports the New York Post.

Summit is an observation deck that has been described by Good Day as “New York’s newest and most spectacular skyscraper.” Travel & Leisure says the location “shatters all expectations” according to reviews posted on the Summit website.

The Art Installation

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The installation is called an immersive art experience, a description used by the artists at Kenzo Digital for many of their designs. Kenzo Digital told the New York Post that the installation “shares the intoxicating sense of aspiration and inspiration that New York gives.”

The creators also called the installation a beacon of possibility and something that pays tribute to all that New York is. The installation with its mirrored floors projects from the floor to reflective surfaces on the ceiling and elsewhere in the glassed-in location.

It was likely not the intent of the designers at Kenzo Digital, who are focusing more on the sense of “Air” ambience created by the glassed-in atmosphere of the installation.

The Creator – Kenzo Digital

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The creators of Kenzo Digital are not new to the scenes of New York, or the field of immersive art experiences. The artists typically work incognito but have credits to their portfolio of collections that have been seen all over the world.

They have collaborated with Beyonce on a few performances, most recently for the Billboard Music Awards on ABC. For Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” they managed the concept, creative direction, and design. Another performance they have helped Beyonce with was the United Nations Humanitarian Day in New York.

Additionally, their immersive art installation called “Social Galaxy” has been seen in New York, and at the Rio and Seoul Olympics.

The Dress Code

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The most recent installation, “Air” inspired the administrators at Summit to install an advisory on their website, recommending pants, tights, or shorts to visitors. A note warned, “Guests who are concerned about any unwanted exposure as a result of the mirrored floors and ceilings are responsible for dressing in a manner to avoid such exposure.”

Many attendees reportedly adhere to the guidelines. Summit also offers a free pair of stretch shorts for any visitor that requests them. Tickets for the Summit range between $39 and $73.

The Audience Response

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The New York Post visited Summit to test the reaction of the visitors for themselves. One 66-year-old Manhattan resident wore a long dress and said she didn’t mind the issue. A 30-year-old L.A. visitor mentioned that she had not seen the suggestion on the Summit website, and wasn’t bothered by the mirrored floors.

Another tourist, this visitor from Mexico, said she was there to celebrate her thirty-second birthday and wasn’t letting a dress code get in the way of her fun. She preferred a skirt for her special day and noted that her husband did as well.