Idaho to Bill Mike Lindell for Failed Election Fraud Claims

Christine Beswick

MyPillow CEO and Trump backer Mike Lindell who has been connected to a conspiracy called "The Big Lie" continues to feel the heat from his failed election fraud claims, this time from Idaho. The Idaho Statesman newspaper reports that Idaho wants to bill him for costs associated with a three-county audit investigating Mike Lindell's election fraud claims.

Earlier this year, Dominion Voting Systems filed a $1.3 billion defamation suit when Dominion accused him of profiting from false conspiracies. A key conspiracy of Mike Lindell was that Donald Trump would be reinstated.

Idaho, a state that Donald Trump won, says that Lindell's election fraud claims have no merit, and they want him to pay for the recount.

Mike Lindell Claims 2000 Voters Were Over The Age Of 200

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Lindell's claims include that an 850-year-old voted during Election 2020. Lindell also claimed that over 2,000 voters were over the age of 200. In a clip on Twitter, Lindell is seen saying that multiple people from the same address voted, or five people with the same names, and that he has a team that "pulls up all anomalies."

Lindell said that his investigation came up with 2,650 people over the age of 100, and that "2,000 of them were over 200 [years old.]"

Lindell also said, "They're obviously deceased….You can get them from your own state's thing."

Mike Lindell Claims Idaho Results Were Manipulated Electronically

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Mike Lindell has alleged that results in every one of Idaho's 44 counties were manipulated electronically, despite that seven of those counties do not use electronic means for ballot counting.

Donald Trump won Idaho in the 2020 election with 63.8 percent of the vote. As a result of these claims, the state of Idaho conducted its own investigation and performed audits in three counties that resulted in a 0.1 percent margin of error. Lindell's claims could not be verified.

Chief Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck On Billing Mike Lindell

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The Idaho Statesman newspaper reports that the Chief Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck has taken a cue from a citizen to bill Mike Lindell for the audit.

Chief Deputy Secretary of State Chad Houck said,

"While our team is always looking for possible vulnerabilities, this allegation was patently without merit from the first look. It takes hard work to build confidence in a state's election system, and careless accusations like this can cause tremendous harm. Doing nothing and saying nothing would have been like conceding its truth."

Not The First Of Mike Lindell's Legal Problems

It won't be the first of Lindell's legal problems regarding these allegations. In February, Dominion Voting Systems sued him for defamation accusing him of false conspiracies surrounding the 2020 election. Dominion said, "the lie sells pillows" and accused him of a marketing campaign that included promo codes such as "QAnon," "Proof," "45" and "Fightfor Trump" according to Newsweek.

Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is also being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for $1.3 billion for similar allegations.

The bill from Idaho for Lindell could amount to approximately $6,500. It could take two weeks for Idaho to process the amounts.

The Idaho State Department may also consider a lawsuit if Lindell does not pay the bill.