Ryan Reynolds Reveals How Blake Lively Inspired 'Free Guy' Film

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Lindsay Cronin

Ryan Reynolds can't take all the credit for the happenings of his latest film, Free Guy.

Earlier this week, following Friday's successful premiere of the hit comedy, the 44-year-old actor took to his Instagram page, where he gave his actress wife, 33, a shout-out for her contribution to the project and revealed she was actually the mastermind behind its the Chris Evans/Captain America cameo.

"Free Guy wouldn't be the movie it is without [Blake Lively,]" he began, according to an August 17 report from People.

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Are 'Partners In Crime'

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Along with a smiling selfie of himself and Lively, who he married in 2012, Reynolds continued, "She was essential in every part of the making of this film, creatively and emotionally, and the cameo everyone is talking about was entirely her idea."

He also used the hash tag, "Work Wife." And, on her Instagram Story, Lively responded to the shoutout from Reynolds by re-sharing it with her own fans and followers and adding the message, "partners in crime," as well as a cute sticker.

Blake Lively Promoted 'Free Guy' On Social Media Before Its Premiere

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Prior to the release of Free Guy last Friday, Lively was supportive of her husband's latest film on social media.

Along with a photo of herself wearing a patterned bikini at the pool, Lively told her online audience to "go see [Free Guy] this weekend or you'll be bummed."

She also included a funny GIF that featured Reynolds looking totally shocked as he checked her out in her two-piece swimsuit.

As fans may know, Reynolds and Lively first met in 2010 while filming The Green Lantern.

Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Share Three Daughters

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After striking up an on-set romance during production on The Green Lantern, Reynolds and Lively got married in September 2012 and went on to have three daughters, including six-year-old James, four-year-old Inez, and one-year-old Betty.

At the end of last month, Reynolds and Lively, who often troll one another on their social media pages, celebrated th 10th anniversary of their very first date by returning to the restaurant where their love story began.

"10 years later. We still go out on our 'first date,' " Lively captioned a photo of the two of them. "But in much more comfortable shoes."

Ryan Reynolds Loves To Joke With Blake Lively On Instagram

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Also on the 10th anniversary of their first date, Lively posted a picture of her husband standing in front of the restaurant where their first date occurred, the O Ya in Boston.

"If it weren't for this place. We wouldn't be together. No joke. No restaurant means more to us," she said.

"Our favorite restaurant with her 4th favorite date," Reynolds wrote in the caption of a photo of his own, which featured him and his wife taking a selfie.

Reynolds later shared an identical photo with a broader crop, explaining that he was "posting this again because I cut out my wife's cute earrings."

"She trained me better than this. Sorry if I let anyone down," he added.