Tom Brady’s Daily Health Regimen Will Shock You

Jacob Highley

Tom Brady’s recent change in colors (specifically leaving the New England Patriots for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March of 2020) left many wondering what the future would hold for the now 44 year old quarterback.

Widely considered to be the greatest football quarterback of all time, Tom’s success with the Patriots landed him a tremendously lucrative contract with the Buccaneers, worth over 50 million dollars in guaranteed cash.

With such a heavy investment into this legendary sports figure, some wonder how he is still going as he approaches middle age.

6 In The Morning

Unsplash | Tu Trinh

Tom’s success as an athlete can be directly attributed to his fantastic health regimen. In fact hi trainer and business partner Alex Guerrero shared that he is highly specific when it comes to helping him stay in the best shape possible.

“Every day, [Brady] wakes up at 6 in the morning and immediately drinks 20 ounces of purified water, augmented with TB12 electrolytes, which, as he tells us, contain the “72 trace minerals” generally lost in perspiration,” one article recently detailed.


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'So Well-Hydrated'

Unsplash | Anastase Maragos

The source went on to share how Guerrero views the human body a bit differently than other trainers do, which influences how he helps Tom train.

“As a result, he says, he is so well-hydrated that “even with adequate exposure to the sun, I won’t get sunburned,” and he presumes that the muscles under his skin look like “beautiful tenderloins” instead of “shriveled jerky.” He trains about four hours a day, and on most days, he “does pliability” with Guerrero, who, with hands capable of generating “50 newtons of force in a single finger” — about 11 pounds — applies “targeted pressure” to Brady’s muscles.”

Tough Changes

Unsplash | Cian Leach

Tom’s transition into joining another team wasn’t a painless experience, however, as he later shared that he was “crying” upon leaving the team.

Historically, much of the Patriot's success could be directly attributed to Brady, so it has certainly been a major blow to the team's fans and players.

During an interview shortly after announcing that he would be leaving the Patriots, he met with the team’s owner to share how deeply grateful he was for being with the team for nearly a decade.

An Emotional Farewell

Tom is usually not one to share much emotion or interesting details during interviews, but this one was different.

"I called Mr. Kraft and I went over to his house," Brady told interviewer Howard Stern. "I went over and I just said, 'Look, I just want to say how much I love you and I appreciate what we've done together and I know that we're not going to continue together, but thank you. Thank you for providing what you have for my family and for my career.' "