Small & Cozy: 10 Amazon Products For Tiny Apartments

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Alexandra Lozovschi

If you're a young professional working from home or a college student living the dorm life, chances are your lodgings are snugger than you'd like. However, even the tiniest apartment can accommodate a modern lifestyle with a few simple hacks to save space.

If you feel like there's never enough room for your stuff, Amazon has plenty of options for functional storage that will make your place feel cozy and homey. Let's explore some of them below.

Sauder Anda Norr Entryway Storage

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Ideal for: everyday essentials.

Regardless of your living arrangement, you're gonna need a place to hang your coat. The Sauder Anda Norr Entryway Storage can do that as well as store your shoes, umbrella, and bag so that you have everything you need when you go out. It's got a sizeable mirror and a cubbyhole underneath for additional storage.

GreenForest 2-Tier Folding Desk

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Ideal as: foldable furniture.

One simple hack to save on space is foldable furniture that you can pack away when you're not using it. While this typically applies to tables and chairs, you can also find a good folding computer desk on Amazon. Enter the GreenForest 2-Tier Folding Desk to satisfy your writing needs. The best part about it: no assembly required.

Command Picture Ledge

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Ideal as: wall storage.

No matter the size of your home, you're going to need a sturdy slate ledge in your life. Popsugar recommends the Command Picture Ledge, a versatile piece of furniture to display your small décor.

"It comes with 10 medium strips so you can reuse and hang the shelf at your next place without any damage."

Simple Houseware 3-Tier Closet Storage With 2 Drawers

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Ideal as: lightweight storage:

Make the most out of your small space with a shoe rack that also has collapsable drawers! The Simple Houseware 3-Tier Closet Storage With 2 Drawers will conveniently display your footwear, as well as house your books, clothes, toys, and anything else you might need. Get one for your entryway or for organizing your closet, or use it for your school supplies in your dorm room.

Amazon Basics 6-Tier Hanging Shelf Closet Storage Organiser With Removable Drawers

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Ideal as: closet space.

Go vertically with an easy-to-use closet space like the Amazon Basics 6-Tier Hanging Shelf Closet Storage Organiser With Removable Drawers. It's sturdy enough for your sweaters, sweatshirts, and pants (all foldable clothes will fit in it perfectly). The three removable drawers are an added bonus and can be used for stashing shoes, underwear, and accessories.

Amazon Basics 6 Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves

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Ideal as: stackable storage.

If you're looking to streamline your shelving space, then a compact storage unit for your heavier items is what you need. Cue the Amazon Basics 6 Cube Grid Wire Storage Shelves, whose 23 grid panels can be assembled in any way, shape, or form you require. Design it according to your needs and the space available, and stack it with boxes, towels, linens -- anything you can think of, really. It comes in two color options for your aesthetic: black and white.

Umbra Estique Over-the-Door Organiser

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Ideal as: multiuse over-the-door storage.

De-clutter your space with a sleek door rack like the Umbra Estique Over-the-Door Organiser. It's the perfect place to hang your bag, umbrella, and cardigans all in one convenient place where they'll be easy to grab when you head out the door.

"These 14 generously spaced hooks allow room for accessories of all sizes and shapes, giving you the opportunity to make use of every hook," notes Popsugar.

ClosetMaid 1231 Adjustable 8-Tier Wall & Door Rack

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Ideal as: hanging storage.

The ClosetMaid 1231 Adjustable 8-Tier Wall and Door Rack is the motherload of hanging storage space. It's got plenty of repositionable baskets, making it excellent for organizing your kitchen or pantry (it can easily accommodate tall items), and it takes up an insanely small amount of space on the wall. It can also be mounted over the door.

Amazon Brand Rivet Madison Modern Round Lift-Top Ottoman

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Ideal as: multifunctional storage.

A multifunctional stool that doubles as storage can come in handy not only when you have guests and require extra seating, but for packing away extra blankets and clothes as well. One fine example is the Amazon Brand Rivet Madison Modern Round Lift-Top Storage Tray Ottoman Pouf in Grey Storm, which can also be used as an extra tray for snacks if you turn over the lid. Super convenient!

storageLAB Underbed Storage Fabric Containers

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Ideal for: under-the-bed storage.

Make your room feel a lot bigger by using the under-utilized space under your bed. The storageLAB Underbed Storage Fabric Containers are just the thing you need to store clothes and shoes that are not in season (think winter jackets and snow boots), as well as other household objects, such as blankets, bedding, and even tools.