Arie Luyendyk, Jr. And Lauren Burnham Reveal Baby Boy's Name

Stacy Carey

The past week has been quite the journey for The Bachelor stars Arie Luyendyk, Jr. and Lauren Burnham. The Bachelor fans followed her pregnancy with twins, along with a miscarriage prior to that, and now the babies have arrived. 

The couple shared fun news via their YouTube channel Wednesday, as Lauren and their baby boy were ready to be released from the hospital. Unfortunately, baby girl had to stay for a bit in the NICU where she has remained since she was born.

'They're Kicking Us Out, Basically'

Arie and Lauren's new video provided plenty of updates. It started with them in her hospital room and they explained they were "basically" being booted. They knew they'd be taking their son home with them, but they weren't sure about their new daughter. Their baby girl has remained in the NICU since her birth, needing some support with her breathing.

The couple, and their son, did head to the NICU to check on baby girl before departing, then Arie went to get the car. 

Baby Girl Stays In The NICU For Now

Unfortunately, baby girl wasn't able to be released yet. Arie explained, "It's not ideal, but, we have to do what's best for her and it's kind of day-to-day to be honest." He added, "We don't know if she'll come home tomorrow or the next day, or if she needs even more time."

She's not on oxygen, but her breathing has been a concern for the doctors. "She's perfectly healthy, her development's just a little bit behind." The doctors are being "extra, extra careful." 

Meeting Big Sister Alessi

The Bachelor stars expressed their excitement for their 2-year-old daughter to meet her siblings. Lauren admitted, "I think it'll be really sweet, but it could go terribly wrong." Arie added Alessi had shown some signs of jealousy during FaceTime chats, so they weren't sure how she'd react in person. 

Once Lauren and Arie walked into their house with their baby boy, Alessi seemed immediately smitten. She held him with plenty of support from mom and dad and smiled as she took it all in. 

Baby Boy's Name Is Revealed

Up to this point, Arie and Lauren hadn't revealed the names they had chosen for their twins. They may have hoped to do a reveal with both babies, but they apparently decided they couldn't hold back any longer. Alessi had the honor of revealing her brother's name is Lux. Baby girl's name remains under wraps for now.

Lauren understandably had a very tough time leaving one baby at the hospital. The Bachelor fans are sending lots of love and hoping the family is reunited soon.