Dax Shepard Shares Chelsea Handler's Opinion Of Mom Jeans & Kristen Bell Is Guilty Of Wearing Them

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Chelsea Handler channeled Fashion Police star Joan Rivers while laying out the law about mom jeans. As she watched a friend modeling a pair of denim pants with a high waist, Handler left no doubt as to whether the bottoms were a "gotta have it" or "make it stop" trend for her. 

After Handler voiced her opinion, Kristen Bell's husband bravely revealed that he, too, dislikes mom jeans, which his wife has been known to wear on occasion. Keep scrolling to see the article of clothing that inspired so much loathing.    

The Despised Denim

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Anyone who follows Handler on Instagram knows that the comedian’s personal style aesthetic is minimalistic: Her preference seems to be wearing as little clothing as possible. While she doesn’t always wear pants, when she does, she prefers skinny jeans. 

In a video that she shared on Instagram, Handler's friend, Mossy Creative's digital director Heather Sheeley, was shown modeling a pair of high-rise mom jeans in a light wash. The pants appeared to have little to no stretch, and the seams were cut at the ankles. Sheeley paired them with a cream cropped sweater and Nike sneakers.

Handler Sounds Off

Handler said that she was aware that mom jeans "are supposed to be in style now," but she argued that they should not be.

"These are mom jeans, and we're not going back to that," Handler said. "Oh no, this is terrible! I want skinny jeans forever."

Handler ended her video by declaring that she will "never stop" wearing skinny jeans. As reported by USA Today, skinny jeans are now considered out-of-fashion by members of Gen Z, who view the tight, stretchy pants as a Millennial trend. Their preferences are jeans with baggy or straight legs, and flares are also becoming fashionable again.

Shepard Agrees


In the comments section, Dax Shepard backed Handler up. As evidenced by the image above, his wife is guilty of rocking mom jeans. 

"Man. Two minds but one single thought. You’re saying what I’ve been afraid to say, he wrote. 

One fan had a funny comeback to Shepard's clothing confession.

"Thank you for your bravery. I had no idea what you were going through with having to wear mom jeans," the Instagrammer wrote. "You've done us all a service. You may go back to your skinny jeans."

Fans Of Mom Jeans Speak Up

Some of Handler's followers agreed with her and Shepard, but others fiercely defended their mom jeans. One netizen explained why she likes to wear them with long shirts instead of crop tops.

"Longer top hiding the high rise...keeping my FUPA snug. 😂," her comment read (For those who don't know, "FUPA" means "fat upper pubic area").

"As an older millennial I hated skinny jeans when they were trendy and I’m so glad they’re finally over! High waisted straight leg and mom jeans only," wrote another Instagrammer.

"I was listening to this without audio and all I kept thinking was how cute the jeans were 🤣😅 I need to try them lol," another fan chimed in.