Ashley Graham Flaunts Her Curves In Black Lingerie Selfie

Terrence Smith

Ashley Graham took to Instagram on Wednesday and gave her 12.1 million followers a peek behind the scenes of her hectic 2021. The plus-sized model and television presenter shared a 10-image slideshow that displayed both the glamorous side of Graham's life as well as the time she dedicates to taking care of herself and her son Isaac.

Graham noted the diversity of looks in the photos she shared, adding in the caption, "hello it’s me and me and me and me and me and me and me."

Graham Shared Her love For A Special Drink

The first image in the set saw the model in a dressing room while clad only in a black lingerie set. She looked absolutely care free as the body positive icon snapped a selfie and sipped on a bottle of Topo Chico sparkling mineral water. She tagged the brand in the pic, and her fans continued to pay tribute in the comments section.

"Topo Chico forever," wrote the fashion writer Nicolette Mason.


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She Revealed The Aftereffects Of A Unique Beauty Treatment

However, Graham's choice of drink wasn't the only thing that caught her fan's attention. The third image in the set saw her relaxing after getting a beauty treatment that left noticeable red marks on her back. Commenters determined that she had undergone a kerokan, also known as gua sha, remedy. Healthline describes the treatment as an alternative therapy that improves circulation through the process of scraping one's skin with a massage tool.

Graham Showed A Pic From Her Son's First Birthday

Following a sultry selfie and some fashionable modeling shots, Graham shared a pic of herself celebrating her son Isaac's first birthday. Her son's face wasn't visible in the candid shot as he reached over Graham's shoulder for a collection of birthday-themed balloons while she cradled him in her arms. Some of the balloons in the photo included an inflated star emblazoned with the phrase "It's fun to be one" and a cupcake-shaped balloon bearing the phrase "Make a wish."

Since becoming a mother, Graham has been open with her fans about how her outlook on life has changed. According to a report from Elle, the past year has seen the model realize that she is content anywhere as long as her son is with her and having a postpartum weight goal is "BS."

She Recently Spoke With The Bella Twins About Becoming A New Mother

In a recent episode of her podcast Pretty Big Deal, she opened up with her guests and fellow new mothers The Bella Twins about some of the struggles they have dealt with, including postpartum depression.

"This was the first time that mentally I was trying to have a fight and I was losing and I'm like 'What is happening inside?'" described Nikki Bella.

She went on to reveal that she was suffering from depression while filming episodes of her reality show Total Bellas and has concerns about what viewers will think when they watch.

"You see me completely falling apart as a human being and a mom, but I want to put it out there because it's a real thing and I like to show how people around you adapt to that and how you can help yourself," she continued. "What I realized is as moms we don't talk about that enough."