'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers Bombshell: Kyle Comes Clean

Rachel Dillin

Bombshell new The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Kyle ends up coming clean to Summer about the possibility that he has a son with the wife of business mogul Ashland Locke. The shocking revelation may leave Summer running away from her boyfriend yet again. Kyle also has to worry about a vengeful businessman trying to harm everyone he loves.

Actor Michael Mealor recently discussed his on-screen alter ego's dilemma with Soap Opera Digest. He revealed what Kyle is thinking right now.

Kyle Worries About Summer's Reaction

After Theo (Tyler Johnson) and Sally (Courtney Hope) let Kyle know that he might have a son with Tara (Elizabeth Leiner), Kyle attempted to confess the situation to Summer (Hunter King). However, although he admitted to having an affair with Ashland Locke's wife, he never got around to explaining that there's a three-year-old named Harrison involved.

"Kyle is having this internal struggle of what could happen in this all comes out. If this is his kid, I think part of him is afraid Summer could wonder where she fits in Kyle’s life, and she’ll end up running away from him," admitted Mealor.  

Storms Brew For Kyle

In addition to his concerns over Summer, Kyle worries about how Locke might go after him and everyone he loves. The man is known to be ruthless like Victor Newman (Eric Braeden), which leaves Kyle worried. 

"He knows Ashland will not only come after him, but everyone in Kyle’s life and Kyle doesn’t know how to protect all these people at the same time. It could also mean not having this child in his life. There are a lot of potential storms brewing," the actor previewed. 

Kyle Ultimately Tells Summer The Truth

Although it's hard, Kyle eventually tells Summer the whole truth about his affair with Tara. These two were married in the past, and they recently had a broken engagement. For several months now, things have been going well for Kyle and Summer. 

This bombshell is sure to rock Summer's world, and she could end up calling it quits again with him. However, she's also not a big fan of Sally, so Summer may end up sticking by Kyle if for no other reason than to ensure that Sally doesn't win.

Kyle Is Determined To Know The Truth

No matter what the cost, Kyle decides he wants to know the truth about the little boy. He's not sure he can trust his cousin, Theo, but the timing adds up for little Harrison to be his son. He's determined to get a DNA test. 

"Kyle has a big sense of family, and he’ll fight for anything that’s Abbott. He’s no backing down because he wants to know if he has more family out there. Of course, Tara doesn’t want that to happen, so this won’t be easy," Mealor said.