Jessica Simpson Poses For Adorable Pics With Daughter Birdie Mae

Victoria Miller

Jessica Simpson snuggled up with her daughter, Birdie Mae Johnson, in adorable new photos shared on Instagram.

The 40-year-old singer and fashion designer wore a casual T-shirt as her 1-year-old toddler posed beside her in their California home while wearing a tie-dye outfit. In the pic, baby Birdie stuck her tongue out as she snuggled alongside her famous mama. The toddler, who shares her mom's blond hair color, had the top of her tresses pulled up into a cute high ponytail in the super-sweet snap.

In the caption, Jessica made a reference to her little girl's twisted tongue.

"She looks so much like you do. So precious," one fan wrote to Jessica.

Other commenters zeroed in on Jessica's hair, which looked longer than it has in recent pics.

"Extensions are back. SHE IS COMING," one commenter wrote.

Jessica's husband, retired NFL player Eric Johnson, also shared a pic from the same photo session. In that snap, Jessica puckered her lips and made a duck face while Birdie gave social media followers another sassy tongue roll while staring straight at the camera. The update can be seen here.

Fans noted that Jessica and her youngest child are "total twins."

"Looks like Birdie is keeping y'all entertained while stuck at home," one fan wrote.

Others pointed out that even if she's just shy of 2 years old, the too-cute tot has mastered a tongue-twisting talent that not everyone can achieve.

"Birdie!!!!!" another commenter added. "Not everyone can do that lol so funny."

Based on the new photos, Jessica's little girl has inherited her talent for hamming it up. Fans have long said that Birdie is her mama's mini-me, but it's not just in the looks department.

She previously posted a black-and-white pic of her and a 6-month-old Birdie smiling on Instagram with the caption."My dimple double #BIRDIEMAE," as seen here. Jessica has since revealed traits that she and her daughter share.

Last fall, she also revealed that her little girl is a shoe fanatic. In November, the Open Book author shared a pic of Birdie posing in a stylish pair of Uggs-style boots with the following caption.

"Birdie definitely takes after mom... her second word was "Shoes!" She demands to switch shoes 4x a day, and it doesn't even matter whose- Ace's and dad's size 15's too."