January 4, 2021
Lexi Rivera Stuns By Rocking A Black Bikini And White Bra In The Snow

Lexi Rivera surprised her fans by daring to bare a lot of skin while posing outside in freezing temperatures. The 19-year-old YouTube sensation took to Instagram on Sunday to share three new photos with her 7.3 million followers, and she was scantily clad in two of them.

Lexi used the title of a Vanilla Ice song to reference the chilly setting of her smoking-hot snapshots. In her first photo, she was shown standing near a large pool. Snow covered the ground around it, and there was so much of the white stuff coming down that there was very little visibility beyond the water.

Lexi exposed her lithe figure to the brutal elements by rocking a black bikini. Her halter top featured wide, crisscrossed straps over the chest that created a teardrop-shaped cleavage window. She coupled the piece with a pair of briefs with a scoop front that helped to show off her flat midsection. The bottoms also boasted high-cut sides that lengthened her lissome legs.

While most of Lexi's model figure was uncovered, she did protect her ears from the cold by rocking furry earmuffs. Her one warm accessory additionally served as a headband that held her blond hair back. She struck a sassy pose with her right hip cocked a bit, and she managed to give the camera a small smile.

The content creator was dressed more appropriately for winter weather in her second pic. She wore a black long-sleeved shirt and leggings. Her footwear was a pair of dark blue boots that complemented the fur-trimmed beanie on her head. She crouched down in deep snow in a serene natural setting that included numerous evergreen tees blanketed in white.

Her final photo was really steamy, due to her decision to pose in what appeared to be a heated pool. She stood up in knee-deep water and leaned back on the pool's tiled edge while modeling another skimpy ensemble. This time, she wore a pair of ivory bathing suit bottoms and an underwire bra top. The latter featured seamed padded cups, dainty pink trim, and a tiny pink bow on the center gore. Her ears were covered by plush white earmuffs.

Since it was initially posted, Lexi's snowy slideshow has amassed over 1.2 million likes, and her followers have left more than 34,000 messages in the comments section.

"How do you not have hypothermia yet?" wrote one fan.

"This girl rlly out here in a bathing suit in the middle of a snow apocalypse," another commenter added.

"Least her ears are warm," read a third message.

Lexi often amazes her fans with her creative IG content, and she occasionally collaborates with other popular social media stars. As reported by The Inquisitr, the former gymnast teamed up with contortionist Sofie Dossi to pose for a photo that showcased their incredible flexibility and balance.