January 4, 2021
Holly Sonders Rocks An American Flag Thong Bikini While Shooting Hoops

Former Fox Sports host Holly Sonders dazzled in a patriotic bikini while demonstrating just how great she is at multitasking in her latest Instagram share. She left little of her bombshell curves to the imagination for a new photoshoot with a sports theme. The post has since been removed.

Holly, 33, rose to fame playing the game of golf, but she proved that she also has a knack for shooting hoops in a behind-the-scenes video. The fitness model revealed that the footage showed her working on some hot new content for her online audience while also practicing her jump shot. The set of her shoot looked like the inside of a spacious warehouse with exposed brick walls, metal rafters on the ceiling, and a concrete floor. A mobile basketball hoop had been set up in front of one of the walls.

Holly was clad in a sequin bikini that featured the stars and stripes of the American flag. She was filmed from the back, which revealed that her bottoms were a thong. The tiny triangle of sparkly fabric that barely covered her peachy derrière was blue and spangled with white stars, while the sides were formed from red-and-white striped bands.

The front of the bottoms mirrored the back, pattern-wise. It boasted a scooped front that helped to showcase Holly's toned stomach. Her top was a strapless bandeau that featured more of Old Glory's starry canton design over her left breast, while the flag's stripes stretched over the right. A cleavage-baring cutout divided the square cups, and two bands formed the piece's back.

On her feet, the model wore a pair of practical white sneakers. Her long, dark hair was pulled up in a sleek and sporty ponytail.

She stood some distance away from the hoop with a basketball in her hands. She was already in the process of making a shot when the clip began. The ball arched up in the air, barely touched the inner edge of the hoop's rim, and swished through the net. After she made sinking a shot look effortless, Holly sassily turned around. Her ponytail swished as she spun toward a briefcase sitting on top of a stool. She pointed her finger in its direction, indicating that a camera was likely positioned somewhere near it out-of-frame. She bent over and stepped back before the clip concluded.

Holly's shooting form was commended by many of her Instagram followers, while others were more focused on her curvy form.

"Look at the flick of the wrist," read one response to her post.

"Holly is a slam dunk!" gushed another admirer.

"Jumper looks great amongst other things," a third fan added.

This isn't the first time Holly has created sexy content with a sports theme. She previously rocked a top with a plunging neckline while posing with a tennis racket.