December 13, 2020
Sarah Houchens Goes Braless Under Crop Top While Sporting Ripped Shorts

Blond beauty Sarah Houchens looked comfortable and sexy while flaunting her figure in her latest Instagram share. The model sported a white crop top with a pair of ripped denim shorts while enjoying some sights in Florida.

Sarah's top was made from a ribbed fabric and was cropped at her ribs. It had a plunging neckline and short sleeves. Her shorts had a high waistline and featured several rips and holes on the front and back.

Her post consisted of three pictures that saw her sitting outside on a balcony overlooking a view of the city. According to the geotag, she was in Tampa, Florida. Wispy clouds filled the sky and it appeared to be a nice day to enjoy some fresh air.

In the first picture, Sarah faced the camera while she sat on the railing of the balcony with her Daisy Dukes unbuttoned. She leaned back on her hands while she looked away from the lens at the area below her. With her back arched, she flaunted her chest. Her toned thighs and chiseled abs were prominent in the picture as well.

The second frame was similar to the first in that it caught Sarah from a side angle as she looked at the view over her shoulder. She pulled on the waistline of her shorts with an arch in her back, showcasing her trim midsection and bustline.

Sarah stood in the third photo with her back to the camera. She ran one hand through her hair while keeping one hip cocked to the side. Thanks to plenty of holes in the back of the Daisy Dukes, part of her booty was on display. The stance showcased her hourglass shape as well as the tops of her thighs.

In the caption, Sarah mentioned the view while also tagging online retailer Fashion Nova as the maker of her outfit.

Her fans seemed to love seeing her flaunt her figure and took to the comments section to express their admiration for her.

"You're killin everyone on here!" one admirer joked.

"Absolute perfection!!!!" gushed a second fan, adding several emoji that included red hearts and a kiss to their message.

"Gorgeous head to toe," a third admirer chimed in.

"So beautiful and sensual!" wrote a fourth user, adding smiley-face emoji with heart eyes to their words.

Earlier this week, Sarah showed off quite a bit more skin in a brown bikini adorned with small shells. She shared three photos that captured her flaunting her front and backside while standing beside a swimming pool in St. Petersburg, Florida.