December 13, 2020
Charly Jordan Shows Off Plenty Of Skin In A Gold Bikini

Blond beauty Charly Jordan looked incredible in her latest Instagram share. On Sunday, she took to the platform to upload some photos and a video that saw her rocking a gold metallic bikini.

Charly's swimsuit was tiny and looked like it was made for her body. The top had classic triangle-shaped cups and tied in the center. The bottoms were also a classic bikini style. The straps sat low on her hips and were tied into loopy bows.

Charly's hair fell around her shoulders in tight curls and she accessorized her look with a gold dangle bracelet.

The update consisted of four pictures and a video that saw the model lounging on a cushion near a swimming pool. Part of what appeared to be a hotel was visible in the distance beneath they sky, which was filled with fluffy clouds.

The popular influencer was on her knees in the first image. She leaned on her hands and gazed at the camera while she arched her back. The pose showed off her trim midsection and the curve of her booty. It also put her toned thighs on display.

In the second frame, Charly showed off her backside. She sat on her feet with her legs slightly parted. She arched her back and held her hands near her chest while she looked ahead. The stance made her pert derrière the focal point of the snap.

Charly was back on her knees in the third snap. She leaned on one hand while she held her tresses away from her face with her other. A curly section of her hair fell across her face as she puckered her lips.

The fourth picture captured Charly on her back. The image captured her entire body as she bent one leg and raised it in a seductive pose. With her hands over her head and her eyes closed, she flaunted her toned legs and flat abs along with her curvy booty.

Charly was on her belly in the fifth photo. She crossed her arms in front of her body and gazed at the lens with a serious expression. With her hips to one side, she showcased part of her toned butt.

The video captured the model on her knees facing the camera. She puckered her lips before liftting her hair provocatively. She then leaned over and began to shake her head and flaunt her curls before the clip ended.