December 13, 2020
Meg Turney Shows Off Her Derrière In Exquisite Lingerie, Including A Thong, Basque, & Sheer Cape

Cosplay icon Meg Turney oozed sex appeal in a new video that showed her rocking revealing lingerie with a vintage vibe.

In her popular Instagram photos and videos, Meg often dresses up like pop culture characters from video games, movies, and other media. However, her latest upload featured the model flaunting her curves in intimate apparel instead of one of her creative costumes. She exhibited her sultry side inside various rooms of a residence. A photographer appeared in her footage, which was a behind-the-scenes look at a steamy photo shoot.

Meg was shown posing on a tan couch with tufted upholstery. She got on her knees on one of the seat cushions while both cameras captured shots of her mostly bare derrière. She wore a white lace thong that offered little in the way of coverage. The straps of a garter belt rested against the curves of her backside. She also rocked a sheer chiffon mini cape finished with frills. In her caption, she revealed how much she loved the pale blue piece. Her luxuriant dark hair was arranged in a partial updo and styled in soft curls that spilled down her back.

Some scenes were filmed inside a kitchen with pink cabinets and matching tile on the counters. A large mirror hung over the sink. It featured an ornate curved frame with distressed gold accents that gave it an antique appearance. She made use of its reflective surface in one shot.

While posing in the retro kitchen, Meg wore a semi-sheer lace basque that fit her hourglass body like a glove. The garment was mostly white, but its black cups drew attention to her ample bust. A matching diamond-shaped panel covered part of her lower abdomen. Her black panties were visible underneath the dress-like garment. She completed her look with another garter belt clipped to a pair of thigh-high black stockings.

When Meg was filmed from the side, this revealed that the back of the basque curved up to expose her peachy posterior. She was shown tugging on the number's high hem and allowing its thin shoulder straps to fall down over her upper arms.

Meg's sensual video soon accumulated over 8,000 likes, and scores of her 764,000 followers took to the comments section to express their enjoyment of it. Her booty was a hot topic of discussion.

"What do you mean you miss it. It's right there. Turn around. Boom!" read one response to her caption.

"That girl don't need no squats," wrote another fan.

"That booty is illegal in 15 states," a third message read.

"We've all missed your arse Miss Turney!" commented a fourth devotee.