December 13, 2020
Abigail Ratchford Flaunts Massive Sideboob While Wearing Semi-Sheer, Plunging Bodysuit With Latex Boots

Model Abigail Ratchford stunned her 9 million social media followers with her most recent Instagram update on Saturday, which featured the self-proclaimed "queen of curves" wearing a racy ensemble that displayed her ample assets.

The sultry post racked up over 18,500 likes in just one hour.

Abigail wore a revealing bodysuit featuring a gauzy material through which the hue of her skin could be seen. The garment had a deep neckline that dipped in a wide "v" and ended several inches below her navel, exposing the sides of her voluptuous bare bust.

The bottom curve of her right breast was visible through the fabric, which was pulled away from her midriff by the swell of her enticing flesh. A single vertical line of muscular definition peeked through the narrowing opening.

The bottom of the leotard featured an opaque section that fit like a pair of thong panties, to which the billowing, long-sleeved top was attached. Abigail raised both elbows into the air, seemingly draping one hand behind her neck and placing the other palm against the side of her head.

The pose drew focus to the remarkable juxtaposition of her slender waist in comparison to her curves above and below.

Abigail rested her incredible derrière against the plain white wall with her weight balanced on her right leg and her other knee bent slightly in front of her body. She wore a pair of shiny black vinyl boots that rose up to the middle of her shapely thighs to complete the outfit.

She accessorized with a narrow choker embellished with a silver triangle in the center.

Abigail's long dark tresses were parted on one side and styled in loose curls that framed both sides of her breasts. She gazed off-camera with wide eyes and seductively parted lips.

The wall she posed against was fairly short, barely extending past her head. A series of wooden-slatted fencing and a sliver of pale, cloudless sky made up the rest of the background.

In the caption, Abigail suggested her 2021 hardcover book as the perfect holiday gift.

Abigail's Instagram supporters were wowed by the share and hundreds of them took to the comments section to sing her praises. Applause, flame, and heart-eyes emoji were the most frequently used symbols when fans chose not to put their feelings into words.

"Looking absolutely stunning babe," one fan declared.

"So damn finnnnne babe," remarked a second person.

"Ring the alarms! Gorg!" a third follower exclaimed.