December 13, 2020
Lexi Kai Sprawls In A Pool Of Rainbow Bubbles At A Car Wash While Wearing A Cheeky String Bikini

Lexi Kai delighted her 763,000 Instagram followers with a sudsy display of her killer bikini body on Saturday. The update showed her in giant puddle of colorful bubbles on the cement floor of a car wash, wearing a tiny bathing suit that left little to the imagination.

The curvy fitness model stretched out on her belly with her upper body supported on her elbows and forearms. She posed surrounded by a swirl of soapy water in a vivid array of turquoise, purple, and yellow, which appeared to be streaming off the silver BMW e440 parked behind her.

What could be seen of Lexi's black bathing suit indicated it had a basic design, with triangle cups covering her voluptuous bust and attached to sets of strings that tied in bows behind her neck and between her shoulder blades.

Lexi appeared to have tugged the sides up on the already cheeky bikini bottoms to expose more of her heart-shaped booty cheeks, which were awash with vibrant yellow soap. Lexi's hips were rotated to showcase her derrière. The brand name Fashion Nova was printed across the back of the garment.

Lexi's Instagram followers loved her update and couldn't seem to get enough of her tantalizing appearance. They took to the comments section with a flood of praise for the buxom blonde, as well as to caption the image themselves, per her request.

"I don't think I'll ever find my contact in all this green slime. lol," one fan suggested.

"Live life fast, with a splash!" replied another person.

"Butt life is better with colors!" a third follower responded, emphasizing the play on words with a peach symbol and a rainbow of hearts.

"Aw Sh*t! I dropped my keys," joked a fourth person, using a laughing face emoji at the end of their words.

Those who chose not to convey their feelings in words used various strings of affectionate emoji. Heart-eyes and flames appeared to be the most popular.

In a report by The Inquisitr a few months ago, Lexi rocked a photo shoot with a Harley Davidson motorcycle in the middle of the Colorado desert. For that shot, she wore a revealing ensemble that showcased her athletic physique.

She rocked a pair of ripped white jeans that she matched with a strapless, long-sleeved body suit that was cut nearly to her rib cage on the sides and exposed a portion of her toned abdominal muscles. A pair of over-the-knee black boots completed the sultry look.

The trio of photos looked to have been taken just before sunset, against a stunning backdrop that seemed to have no end.