December 13, 2020
Katya Elise Henry Rocks Thigh-High Stiletto Boots With Her Legs In The Air

Fitness model and Instagram celebrity Katya Elise Henry took to Instagram on Saturday with a racy behind-the-scenes video from a photo shoot that thrilled her 7.9 million followers. She wore a sultry ensemble and posed in a series of provocative positions that revealed her incredible physique. Over 109,000 fans hit the like button in just a few hours.

The beginning of the clip captured Katya standing, with the videographer filming from several feet below and the camera angled up to emphasize the impressive swell of her famous cheeks.

She caressed the sides of her body and slowly shifted from back and forth while flirtatiously engaging with the camera, then crouched down with her legs spread widely apart.

In the still image introducing the video, Katya's pose paid homage to a vintage pin-up style. She lay on a white backdrop with her weight supported on her shoulders and upper arms and the rest of her body propped up vertically into the air. She formed a triangle of stability between her upper back and both bent elbows, with her hips stacked directly above her shoulders, then wrapped her hands around either side of her waist with her thumbs facing forward.

The position created a deep bend in her neck and she turned her head slightly toward the viewer with a coquettish expression. She arched one perfectly groomed eyebrow and parted her lips.

Katya faced the camera with her left side, the corresponding knee bent in front of her body and held just inches above her face. The other leg was extended straight into the air, allowing both of her skintight black boots to be seen. The seductive footwear featured clingy material that reached halfway up her voluptuous thighs, pointed toes, and extremely high, narrow heels.

She also wore a matching thong bodysuit cut well above her hips on either side, revealing a tantalizing amount of her bare booty. The garment plunged low in the back and had a pair of wide straps that crossed in the center. A tempting bit of sideboob peeked out from the edge, apparently affected by the laws of gravity.

Katya's brunette mane of curls was ironed straight and pulled into a tight ponytail at the crown of her head. It appeared to have been neatly arranged and spilled across the floor above her.

She chose the track "Ja Ara E" by Nigerian artist Burna Boy to accompany the reel.