December 9, 2020
Sierra Skye Lets A Towel Slide Off Her Naked Booty While Posing On A Balcony: 'Dry Me Off'

Sierra Skye stunned her 4.1 million Instagram followers with her most recent social media update on Wednesday afternoon. The curvaceous lingerie model posed outdoors and titillated fans with a suggestive comment in the caption.

Sierra stood on an upper-story balcony enclosed on one side by a wall constructed from evenly-spaced vertical wooden boards providing only minimal privacy. The front of the balcony had a piece of thick glass, through which one could see a complex of similarly-designed buildings, as well as a glimpse of a swimming pool surrounded by palm trees.

She faced her naked backside toward the camera and gazed over her right shoulder with a smoldering expression. Her lower back was curved into an exaggerated arch to emphasize the swell of her flawless derriere, almost all of which was exposed to the sunshine that spilled across her lower body.

Sierra wrapped a white towel around the bottom half of her booty, seemingly holding it in place with her left hand, which was out of view. Her weight was balanced primarily on one foot and she appeared to place the other one slightly ahead. A small triangle of space between her legs was illuminated through the towel, leaving the outline of her shapely thighs in faint shadow.

She also wore a basic black bikini top and pulled her damp hair into a high, messy ponytail that grazed her shoulder blades.

Over 80,000 of Sierra's Instagram supporters double-tapped their screen in the first several hours after the post was uploaded, and the comments section was flooded with adoration for her jaw-dropping appearance. Most people elected to convey their feelings using various combinations of affectionate emoji, such as flames and hearts. Not surprisingly, her followers also used an unusual number of peaches.

"Don't tempt me w a good time," one follower quipped, adding a heart-eyes kitty symbol for emphasis.

"You already have a towel on what am I supposed to do," a second person lamented, seemingly confused by her directions in the caption.

"Perfection at its finest," a third fan declared.

"Crack is definitely not wack [sic] in this case," a fourth supporter teased, following the comment with a crying-laughing emoji.

Several weeks ago, The Inquisitr covered a racy selfie in which Sierra wore black lingerie and showed off her incredible figure in front of a bathroom mirror. The tantalizing set featured floral lace stockings fastened to a matching teddy with garter attachments. The low-cut neckline displayed an ample amount of her cleavage. To date, the post has racked up almost 100,000 likes.