December 9, 2020
Sierra Skye Shows Off Her Perky Booty In Nude G-String Panties & Teasingly Asks 'Where We Goin'

Sierra Skye shared a titillating snapshot with her 4.1 million Instagram followers on Monday afternoon. The blond bombshell wore a skimpy set of lingerie that immediately raised heart rates sky-high.

The 24-year-old hottie noted that the barely there lingerie she showcased in this snap came from the popular online brand Fashion Nova.

She stood in the open doorway of a large, dark vehicle. The exterior appeared to be black and the interior was a bold red with black accents. Sierra stood with one hand above her head on the roof of the vehicle. Her other hand was braced against the front passenger seat.

Sierra stood with her curvy backside toward the camera. She had her wavy blond hair swept back into a loose ponytail, and a few wisps were left loose to frame her face.

The California girl wore nude-colored pieces of lingerie for this sultry snap. The bra fastened in the back and had thin, dainty straps that crisscrossed over her shoulders.

The G-string panties were skimpy and left little to the imagination. They were in the same nude color and appeared to have thin double straps crossing over Sierra's hips. A tiny bow appeared to be on the back where the straps met, and the waistband sat high on her hips.

The fit of the G-string panties emphasized Sierra's tiny waist and hourglass curves. Her pert booty was on full display, and the view sent her millions of fans straight to the comments section.

In her caption, Sierra teasingly asked where they were going. In less than an hour, more than 53,000 likes and 400 comments piled up on the post. It looked as if people were more than happy to join her wherever she wanted to go.

"Damn sexy babe," one fan noted.

"What what a beautiful sexy view," another raved, adding a lengthy string of fire emoji.

Sierra's followers leaned heavily on the use of emoji to signal their appreciation for both her stunning figure and the tantalizing photo. The fire icon was utilized frequently, and others like the peach and bomb emoji popped up a few times as well.

"I love that tush," a third user declared.

"That booty is perfect," someone else raved.

Last week, Sierra teased her followers with a snapshot showing her with a sandy booty. She wore a leopard-print bikini and once again flaunted her perky bum. That display of her fantastically fit physique raked in nearly 90,000 likes.