December 9, 2020
Tuesday's Heartbreaking 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jason Prepares Sam For Difficult News

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's episode suggest that Jason will fill Sam in on some intense recent developments. He's been deeply involved in digging into the Floating Rib explosion, and it seems he will feel it's time to get her up to speed. Unfortunately, this means sharing some tough details with her.

In rapid succession, Jason and Sonny learned a lot of disturbing things about Julian. Britt told them that Julian knew about the baby swap almost the entire time that the Corinthos family thought the little boy was dead. They also pieced together that Julian seemed indebted to Cyrus and figured that this connected to the Floating Rib explosion.

Sam had been noticeably frustrated with how preoccupied and unavailable Jason had been in recent days. Now, General Hospital teasers suggest that he'll finally fill her in on what he's learned and suspected.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason will hang out with Danny playing a board game during the December 8 episode. However, the sneak peek for the show suggested that there are more serious moments coming during this time together as well.

The preview signals that Jason will tell Sam all the stunning information he's pieced together. He notes that it's a long chain of events and asks if she's ready.

Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco star on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Todd Wawrychuk

Part of this conversation will be about Julian detonating the bomb that almost killed Jason and Danny at the Floating Rib. However, it'll also involve the information about Julian covering up the baby swap for nearly two years.

The General Hospital weekly spoiler showed both Sam and Jason crying. Now, it appears that this Tuesday conversation connects to those emotional moments.

Sam hasn't been on good terms with Julian in quite a while. Even so, learning that her father let Lucas bond with Wiley for so many months, knowing the baby was Michael's son, will surely devastate her.

Discovering that her own father was the one who detonated the explosion that almost killed Danny will surely come as a crushing blow, too. She has already been struggling with the life she's immersed herself in, and this may feel like the straw that breaks the camel's back.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam will face making a difficult decision on Tuesday. On Wednesday, she and Jason will work on reconnecting with one another. Unfortunately, they'll be interrupted by a phone call from Sonny.

On Friday, Sam will again turn to Carly. She'll confide in Carly, and it seems likely this will be a continuation of the emotional conversations the two women have had lately.

The next couple of weeks will be quite intense when it comes to Jason, Sam, and the escalating mob war. Can the couple stick together through all of this or could a split be on the way? General Hospital spoilers hint that emotions will be running high and heartbreak might be on the horizon.