Cazzie David Claims In New Book That 'SNL' Star Pete Davidson Dumped Her Via Text Message For Ariana Grande

Lucille Barilla

Writer Cazzie David has penned a new book of essays titled No One Asked for This, where she discusses topics such as mental health, life as a young woman in 2020, and a celebrity child background (her father is Curb Your Enthusiasm star Larry David). But perhaps the essay her followers were most interested in was the one in which she discussed her messy breakup with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, whom she claimed dumped her via a text message for singer Ariana Grande.

In a new interview with the Los Angeles Times, Cazzie revealed that this particular section of the book was the one she was most nervous about.

She said that in 2018, after dating for two and a half years, Pete ended their relationship, and within weeks was engaged to the pop singer.

Cazzie revealed that during their relationship, she and Pete were committed to one another. She explained that he had tattoos which had significant meaning to their relationship. This included a cartoon likeness of her on his arm, as well as her name and favorite emoji on his finger and neck. Their relationship also had its difficult moments. She claimed she struggled with letting Pete know how much she cared for him. At one point, she wanted to end their union but was afraid to do so due to Pete's mental health struggles. The Los Angeles Times reported that in the past, Pete had experimented with hard drugs and cut himself. He was also diagnosed with bipolar and borderline personality disorders.

Cazzie claimed that one day after the SNL comedian broke up with her, she learned he was involved with Ariana and had covered up all the tattoos he had in honor of his former love.

Cazzie wrote that she emotionally broke down on a flight en route to her sister's graduation. She said her father, Larry, held her in an attempt to calm her down.

The Los Angeles Times cited a passage from the book where Cazzie wrote that she struggled as she thought of Pete and Ariana "immediately falling in love, accompanied by audio of her baby voice whispering sweet nothings in his ear, dubbed over his past declarations of love and trust to me."

"It was a really pivotal moment in my life. And writing about it has caused me a ton of anxiety, especially because I talk so much about hating the attention it brought me. Why would I bring more attention to myself by writing about it? But there's nothing that's gonna be worse than what I already experienced with that," the author continued.

Pete and Cazzie have reportedly reconciled their friendship. The Times reported that she showed him the essay prior to its publication and he was thanked in the acknowledgments of the book.