October 30, 2020
WWE News: Superstar Looking Into 'Unionization' In Response To Controversial Company Policy

According to Ringside News, several WWE superstars reportedly met with chairman Vince McMahon to protest the company's ban on performers using third-party platforms. The decision has also led to some superstars looking into unionizing.

As the report highlighted, Paige has been vocal about looking into forming a union. Zelina Vega also expressed an interest in being a part of it, suggesting that there is support in the locker room to try and improve worker's rights in the company.

The development comes after officials ordered employees to relinquish their engagement with third-party platforms. The reason for the controversial ruling is that McMahon feels they hurt the company.

However, since WWE superstars are technically independent contractors, critics of the ruling believe that he's infringing on their rights to make money outside of the promotion.

Failing to abide by the new rules will also lead to performers being suspended, fined or fired. This caught the attention of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who criticized the promotion for monopolizing the industry and exploiting its employees.

According to Ringside News, Paige revealed that she has been talking to an attorney and is "looking more into unionization." She also discussed how the new edict has affected her personally.

"This is bigger than Twitch, it's about taking f***ing control of your own life and not being controlled by anyone. I gave ten years, man. I poured my f***ing heart and soul into this. I had a bad couple of years like every motherf***er has. I'm not the only one who is f***ing controversial around here, I'm not the only one. It's f***ng louder when it comes to me because I'm a f***ing female."

Paige appears on WWE television

The edict appears to have made Paige question her WWE future as well. As The Inquisitr documented, she revealed that she's had enough with the sports entertainment corporation.

According to Paige, Twitch is more to her than an outlet for streaming. She said that it's an escape and noted how she's built a strong community along with her subscribers.

The former NXT Women's Champion also brought up how her in-ring career came to an end by sacrificing her body for the promotion. Paige described Twitch as a coping mechanism that helped her fill the void of losing out on the opportunity to keep living her dream.

As the Ringside News article pointed out, AJ Styles was one of the other talents to confront McMahon about the edict. It remains to be seen if the chairman will react to the protests.