October 30, 2020
Jessa Duggar Put Her Christmas Tree Up Before Halloween: 'We Deserve 3 Christmases'

Jessa Duggar is getting ready for Christmas, despite the fact it's not even Halloween yet. The Counting On star has amazed even her loved ones. Her brother-in-law, Jeremy Vuolo, took to his Instagram account to share a little bit of their conversation via text, which can be seen here. Jessa had a perfectly good explanation for bringing the festive décor to her home so early, and Jeremy seemed to appreciate the reasoning behind it.

In the caption of his post, Jinger Duggar's husband said that he was caught completely off-guard when he found out that Jessa was already busy decorating for the holiday. He shared a photo of himself questioning the "insanity" of having a Christmas tree up not only before Thanksgiving but also before Halloween. She replied that she thinks it's a genius idea, explaining that there are no rules, given that it's 2020. She also thought that everyone deserves to have three Christmases this year. Anna Duggar even popped into the comments section to give her approval.

"Jessa is a genius! 2020 has desperately needed some Christmas cheer for several months!" she said.

On Wednesday, Jessa's husband, Ben Seewald, posted a photo of the huge tree that his wife had set up in the corner of their living room. He told his Instagram followers that she just couldn't wait to set it up. The artificial beauty was perfectly shaped with tiny clear lights strewn throughout the branches. The bottom was wrapped up in a white skirt. The traditional holiday décor matched the various plants that she had placed on the shelf above the fireplace and on the stand beside the sofa.

Duggar fans were highly impressed with Jessa's ambitious feat this year. They agreed that decorating for the holidays early is a great idea to brighten up the mood after all the challenges the world has faced this year.

"Love it! It's that kind of year. Whatever makes her happy," one of Ben's followers wrote.

"Why not....we need something to look forward to," a second fan noted.

"May just be the smartest woman!!" stated a third admirer.

"The pumpkin right next to the tree is hysterical," observed a fourth person.

Jeremy's wife, Jinger Duggar, also commented on Ben's post, writing that she was thinking of putting hers up early as well. It's possible that she may be thinking ahead since she will be busy with a newborn over the holiday season.