Bill Nye Encourages Fans To Vote Biden/Harris, Says 'Science Is On The Ballot' This Election Year

Shawna Cory

Bill Nye shared some advice with his 3 million Instagram followers in his latest post on Wednesday afternoon. He held up a piece of paper printed with the last names of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris spelled out using squares that looked similar to those from a periodic table, with the hashtag "Vote For Science" printed below.

The science communicator and television host reminded fans in the caption that climate concerns are an important issue in the upcoming U.S. presidential election on November 3.

Nye has publicly criticized Biden's opponent, President Donald Trump, in the past for his supposed lack of a role in the international fight against climate change. He said that the administration's refusal to even acknowledge the problem has destroyed the ability of professionals to function in preparation for the potentially insurmountable effects of the phenomenon, particularly at a global level.

According to Mediaite, Trump has been quoted as referring to the environmental issue as "a money-making hoax." This is a stance that Nye said was "very concerning" to his colleagues in other countries.

"Science should be none bias and be Neutral ground.. I lost a little respect for u Mr. bill nye I have been watching you since I was a kid you just Politicalized [sic] science..." stated one fan.

"Absolutely insane that it's come down to vote for 'who believes in science & climate change' but here we are. #BLUE2020," declared a second person.

"Agree! And truthfully science is not a belief system. It's not the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. It's not believing in something you can't see! It's science there are facts and real data that back it up or disprove it. This is all so crazy to me," responded another supporter.

"Why, I wish you could look through your feed and not see people trying to influence your vote," complained a fourth follower, who apparently felt that politics should stay off their social media platform.

In the photo, Nye wore a pressed white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a striped bow tie -- an accessory for which he is well-known.