October 8, 2020
'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Elena Decides To Drop A Bombshell

Stunning new The Young and the Restless spoilers reveal that Devon will invite Nate over to discuss his worries about Elena. However, in an even more surprising twist, Elena is so wracked with guilt that she eventually decides to confess the truth, which leaves them all in tough positions.

Actor Sean Dominic recently discussed his on-screen alter-ego's misdeeds with Soap Opera Digest. The actor revealed that both Nate and Elena (Brytni Sarpy) feel intensely guilty over betraying Devon (Bryton James). Devon is family, and that makes the whole situation even worse since the two men have more than a friendship at stake.

Devon texts Nate to ask him to come over, and that makes him sweat because he does not think he can act normally while at the penthouse. He also worries that his cousin knows and plans to confront him over his affair.

"Nate feels so badly that he's afraid when he faces Devon, he won't know what to say, he won't know where to stand and he won't even know where to put his hands. His mind is going a million miles a minute; however, he does decide if Devon flat-out asks if Nate slept with Elena, then he'll own up to it," Dominic said.

Sean Dominic appears as hotshot doctor Dr. Nate Hastings on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS
CBS | Sonja Flemming

Once he arrives, Devon expresses his worry over Elena's recent emotional state. He tells Nate that she's acting agitated and out of sorts. Nate feels extremely relieved that his cousin isn't onto their affair, and in an attempt to throw him off even further, Nate wonders if perhaps Devon feels more for Amanda (Mishael Morgan) than he'll admit. He insinuates that Elena is picking up on feelings that he has for Hilary's twin.

"I think Nate is trying to relieve some of that shame and guilt he's feeling by getting Devon to admit to doing something wrong as well," Dominic noted.

Although the visit goes well, he faces more turmoil when a guilty Elena decides that she cannot keep the secret anymore. Sure, just last week she swore him to secrecy, but now, Elena plans to confess everything.

"If that happens, Nate is sure Devon will disown him. You just don't do what Nate did to someone in your own family," the actor said.

Of course, that means he will forget that Devon and Hilary did something similar to Neil (Kristoff St. John), and while it caused significant issues, Neil eventually forgave both of them and was happy for them. That doesn't mean, though, that Devon will definitely extend the same grace to his cousin. After all, Neil was older and wiser than his son is, but Devon is running short on family ties these days. That fact could make him more inclined to forgive and move on.