October 8, 2020
Demi Rose Flaunts Ample Bosom, Dangerous Curves At A Maldivian Resort

Runway star and social media maven Demi Rose Mawby continues to populate her Instagram feed with sexy snapshots taken from her favorite vacation spot in the Maldives. In her latest photo update, which was uploaded on Thursday, October 8, the model flaunted her ample bosom and voluptuous figure while wearing an ultra-revealing robe and accessorizing with a gold-tinged, African-style choker necklace.

According to the geotag, she was snapped at the Heritance Aarah resort, and both pictures included in her slideshow featured a fabulous beachfront backdrop. In the caption, the 25-year-old said that there was "nowhere else" she would rather be than at the Maldivian island hideaway.

Meanwhile, a sizable contingent of Demi's 14.9 million followers on Instagram were seemingly smitten in equal measure by her striking appearance and the overall alluring nature of the share. As of this writing, the comments section had been filled with over 1,000 virtual catcalls.

"A pure goddess," opined one impassioned commenter.

"So beautiful," stated a second admirer. "I wish I was with you!"

"How could anyone ever possibly look any more gorgeous and stunning than you do here?" asked another enamored devotee. "Such style and fashion."

"Why do you have the longest cleavage on earth?!" wondered a fourth fan.

The first slide of Demi's pictorial showed the Birmingham, England, native posing with both hands caressing her neck and the front of her brown, black and beige-printed robe largely left open. Due to the close-up nature of the shot, Demi's bountiful bosom was extremely prominent in the middle of the frame, and the opening around her chest allowed for a significant showing of cleavage.

At the upper edge of the frame, Demi's pink-hued lips were parted seductively and her dark eyes were focused off to her right, away from the camera's lens. Meanwhile, her neck was almost entirely masked by the large choker that she wore. She further accessorized with a loose chain belt around her diminutive waist.

In the second photo of the slideshow, Demi was snapped from a greater distance. As a result, her seaside environment was prominently visible, as was her curvy physique. While her upper body held a pose similar to that of the first shot, she also threw in a clear view of one of her bare legs, as she extended it out through the robe's lower separation.

Demi's latest post proved to be another popular one, accruing almost 150,000 likes in just over an hour after appearing on her feed.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Demi was similarly stunning in another recent post from the Maldives where she posed in a skimpy, peach-colored monokini.