October 8, 2020
Suzanne Somers, 73, Reveals She Had Surgery After Falling Down Stairs At Home

Suzanne Somers is recovering from surgery after taking a nasty tumble down the stairs at her home.

In a new post to her Instagram page, the former Three's Company star revealed why she hasn't been as visible as usual on her social media page recently. In the update, Somers shared a photo of her wearing a long black dress while posing at home in Palm Springs, California, as she asked fans if they missed her, then promised to be back "soon."

In the caption to the post, Somers revealed that she has been struggling most of this year with a fractured hip, then had a setback after falling down the stairs at home with her husband, Alan Hamel.

Somers explained that she had two vertebrae out of place following the accident, and underwent neck surgery due to the "tremendous pain" she was in.

She also revealed that she is on the mend and will soon be back online to host her virtual, tequila-toasting cocktail parties. Somers thanked her fans for all of their support.

In the comments section to the post, fans and famous friends reacted to Somers' scary update and offered her well wishes during her recovery.

"Oh honey I had no idea!!!" write pal Linda Thompson. " I've been looking for you on the beach in Malibu… Please hurry and get back to 100% wonderful you, and I hope to see your beautiful face soon!"

"Oh, no Suzanne!! I'm so sorry to hear this news. We love you both and miss you," added Leeza Gibbons.

"Sounds like a Chrissy Snow accident!! Lol" another fan joked, in reference to Somers' classic Three's Company character. "Get better SOON!"

Others said they had been wondering where the actress has been and told her they have missed seeing her Facebook Live shows. Several also asked how her husband is doing following the fall. Hamel is 84.

Last year, Somers and her husband of 43 years downsized and moved to a smaller Palm Springs property not far from the larger estate they had lived in for decades, according to Realtor.com. The couple is known to be inseparable, so perhaps it's not surprising that they were together when the accident on the stairs took place at their new pad.

Somers turns 74 years old on October 16. The actress and author previously teased that she hopes to do a photoshoot with Playboy for her 75th birthday next year. She previously appeared in the magazine in 1980 and in 1984.