October 8, 2020
Lynda Carter, 69, Rocks Part Of Wonder Woman Costume With A Mask To Encourage Fans To Vote

Television icon Lynda Carter didn't wear a mask when she portrayed superheroine Wonder Woman on the small screen, but she was pictured rocking a facial covering in her latest social media share.

On Wednesday, Carter, 69, took to Instagram to encourage her followers to get out and vote in the nationwide elections that are already underway. She reminded them that early voting has started, and she shared her hope that there will be a record turnout at the polls in 2020.

In the photo that she posted, Carter wore the iconic gold bracelets that she sported on the television series Wonder Woman, which aired from 1975 to 1979. On the show, the accessories were crafted from a metal called feminum that was capable of deflecting bullets. Each cuff was adorned with a single glittering red star.

Carter's superhero costume included a red bustier, but she sported a long-sleeved blue blouse in her Instagram pic. The garment appeared to feature a wrap-style front that created a demure V-neck. She also wore a cloth face mask that was a slightly darker shade of blue. The protective accessory had the word "Vote" printed on it in white letters.

Her luxuriant dark hair was styled in glamorous waves that were reminiscent of Diane Prince's bouncy curls when she fought crime as her other alter-ego. Carter's pale blue eyes shone as she gazed directly at the camera. She exuded power and confidence by striking her Amazonian superheroine's trademark pose, balling her hands into fists and crossing her arms in front of her chest. It looked like her photo was taken inside her living room, where her Hollywood Walk of Fame plaque could be seen hanging on the wall.

Carter's post included a link to the Vote.org page for Arizona, and she mentioned the name of the nonprofit DemCast in one of her hashtags. In August, the actress took to Twitter to announce that she was going to be an "AZ Captain" for the organization's Focus14 program, which is aimed at increasing Democratic voter turnout in 14 swing states. She also revealed that she is trying to help Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden beat Republican incumbent Donald Trump in her home state.

Many of Carter's Instagram followers took to the comments section of the post to express support for their preferred candidates, but others showed the actress and her iconic character some love instead.

"I am 6-years-old again... you are my hero!" one admirer wrote.

"You've been my hero since I was a kid and you're still the Queen!" another fan said.

"We need that Lasso of Truth more than EVER!!!" a third commenter chimed in.

"I wore my Wonder Woman mask to drop off my vote this week!" a fourth person said.

As reported by The Inquisitr, Carter wowed fans with her ageless beauty in June when she posed for a photo with her look-alike daughter, 30-year-old attorney and singer Jessica Altman.