October 8, 2020
Eva Mendes Posts Sexy Throwback And Silences Commenter Who Says Ryan Gosling Needs To Get Her Out More

Actress Eva Mendes shared a new post to her Instagram feed on Sunday. The sexy throwback was a black-and-white picture of herself frolicking on the beach in a very low cut black dress. The Other Guys star's cleavage was on full display as she sported an off-the-shoulder scoop neck with a hemline that landed at her knees. Paired with the dress was a thick bold choker necklace. Eva smiled as she looked away from the camera, with her long dark locks sweeping behind her.

In the caption, Eva joked about running on the beach this morning but then admitted the hot photo was actually from 15 years ago. She then admitted she hasn't been to a beach or even gone for a run at all in 2020. She ended her caption with a black heart emoji, matching the gray scale of the photo.

One commenter decided to suggest she needed to get out more, writing that husband Ryan Gosling needed to take her out of the house.

"No thank you, I'm good. Rather be home with my man than anywhere else in the world," she wrote back, according to a screengrab from the Instagram account Comments By Celebs.

Eva regularly interacts with those who leave comments under her posts. For example, on the throwback photo she engaged with over a dozen fans who complimented her, wishing them well in their own lives. One fan said no full-time moms have been on vacation or out for a run either this year.

"Yay! You get it! You get my post! Don't know ya but I love ya fellow mama. I'm literally texting this as I load my second laundry load this morning," Eva wrote back.

She also told another fan that she recently got back into lifting weights and didn't realize how much she missed it. Eva then went into some detail about how she's been working out since the COVID-19 outbreak.

"My treadmill broke before covid hit. So there went my cardio. Or that's my excuse anyway. Ha. So I finally made a commitment to workout out using weights and lots of plyometrics. Plyo really works for me. I don't enjoy work outs but I'm committed again."
Eventually, the 46-year-old cut back on her conversations after she admitted she was ignoring her children while she was texting in the comments. She laughed that she could still see them but wasn't being entirely "present."