John Stamos Promises To Share Rare 'Full House' Footage In Adorable New Video With His Son Billy

Victoria Miller

John Stamos promised to share rare footage from his classic TV show, Full House, if fans do just one thing.

The actor posted a new video to his Instagram page alongside his 2-year-old son, Billy, as he urged his followers to register to vote. In the too-cute clip, the actor and his toddler delivered a PSA about voting.

After joking about his son's "pandemic hair," Stamos said he normally doesn't "pimp" his kid out for anything, but that he needed his little boy's help in reminding everybody that they have to vote in the upcoming election.

As Billy started to get fidgety and tried to "shush" him, Stamos cracked a joke about never working with kids or animals.

"You're an upstagey little guy just like all of the other kids I used to work with," he told his little boy.

The actor then went on to tell his 3.4 million followers to register to vote if they haven't yet. He teased that if he gets 100 people to register via the link in his bio, he'll post some "super cool," rare footage from behind the scenes of the original Full House series that aired on ABC more than 30 years ago.

While super fans of the classic sitcom would love to check out the never-before-seen footage, little Billy chimed in to say his dad will just play a "lollipop." The toddler ended the video by saying, "Bye-bye people!"

You can see the father-son duo's adorable pitch below.

"I can't take the cuteness," wrote Candace Cameron Bure, who played Stamos' niece, DJ Tanner, on the classic sitcom. "Please send Billy to me. I'm registered to vote."

Andrea Barber, who played Kimmy Gibbler on the sitcom, zeroed in on the familiar light blue plaid couch that could be seen in the background at the Stamos home.

"I [heart] Billy!" she wrote. "I'm registered to vote. I vote that you share custody of that couch with your castmates."

Fans know that earlier this year, Stamos revealed he took the iconic plaid couch from the set after the Netflix spinoff wrapped.

Stamos' wife, actress Caitlin McHugh, also commented to note that her little boy was "getting started in public service early."

Other followers added that after this cute display, they can't decide which Stamos family member they love the most.

Stamos starred on the original Full House from 1987 to 1995, and he appeared on the Netflix spinoff from 2016 to 2020.