Donald Trump Is Not Joking When He Talks About Staying Past Two Terms, Michael Cohen Says

Oliver VanDervoort

Donald Trump is not joking when he talks about staying in the White House beyond the two terms he's currently limited to under the U.S. Constitution. During a Wednesday night interview, Trump's former right-hand man, Michael Cohen, warned that if he wins another four years in office this November, he'll go to work trying to find a way to stay an additional four years after that, according to CNN.

"Donald Trump believes that he should be the ruler -- the dictator of the United States of America. He actually is looking to change the Constitution," Cohen told Don Lemon on CNN Tonight.

He added that the way you can tell it's not a joke is because the former New York businessman doesn't have anything close to what could be called a sense of humor.

The former attorney went on to say that he wants people to understand exactly what the president is saying when he talks about additional terms. He'd like a third and a fourth if at all possible. He will start looking for a way to pull that off the day after the election, if he wins.

He reportedly loves what China's leadership has managed to do in order to hold onto power. The former close friend of the president said not having to give up power is why he likes the Kim Jong Uns and Vladimir Putins of the world.

Even during a campaign that has shown him trailing in the polls more often than not, Trump has talked about more years in the Oval Office. During a campaign rally in Wisconsin last month, he claimed he deserved more time because Obama's administration "spied" on him.

Cohen also made it clear that Trump's supporters should be of concern to anyone who follow the rules that are currently laid out in the Constitution. During the interview, he called those supporters "a cult" who will support him no matter what he does.

The former lawyer said he followed Trump because he had bills to pay and a family to look out for. He doesn't understand why so many others do.

He added Trump's aides, both in his private business and in the White House, are rather cult-like as well. He thinks their behavior and support of him has emboldened him to talk about additional attempts at re-election.

Cohen made the comments just one day after his book, Disloyal: A Memoir, was released.