Aaron Rodgers Has Been An 'Incredible Mentor' To Jordan Love, Matt LaFleur Says

Oliver VanDervoort

Aaron Rodgers might technically be competing with Jordan Love and Tim Boyle for the starting quarterback job on the Green Bay Packers, but his head coach also thinks he's been a mentor to the two younger players this camp. Terez Paylor of Yahoo Sports wrote Thursday about how the veteran has reportedly been a great teammate during an offseason when some thought there might be a bit of a poisoned relationship between Rodgers and his organization.

When the Pack traded up to select Love in the first round of the 2020 draft, some around the NFL thought a controversy was brewing. They claimed the front office had just drafted Rodgers' replacement.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Hall of Famer Brett Favre went so far as to say Rodgers would end his career someplace else because of the selection.

However, the front office was adamant, when talking to Paylor, that the poor atmosphere that was expected to exist this summer hasn't manifested.

"I know everybody wants to make this out to be some kind of dramatic situation. And it's just not," general manager Brian Gutekunst said in a recent phone interview.

Part of the reason Rodgers is said to be behaving as well as he is with both his backups, according to the writer, is because he remembers what it was like to be drafted as the heir apparent to Favre. Much was made back then about how unwilling Favre was to help groom his replacement.

Rodgers isn't said to be thrilled to be doing it either, but sources said he's handled the situation like a true professional.

"I know it's not his job or his responsibility," Head Coach Matt LaFleur told Paylor.

"If you could see him in the meeting room, not only for Jordan but for Tim [Boyle] as well, he's been an incredible mentor."

He added Rodgers has coached up both players. He gives them the finer details on a play or a game plan. He's coached them in a way that players think that might not occur to the actual coaches.

LaFleur pointed to one situation in practice. Love got some red-zone reps against a defense that had four-down linemen and two linebackers on either side of the center.

Rodgers reportedly hit up his supposed replacement with a ton of questions. He walked the rookie through what he should have done and discussed what the youngster had done instead. The coach said he made sure Love knew exactly what to do if he saw that kind of lineup in a live game.

LaFleur said it was a "pretty cool moment."