September 8, 2020
Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Lulu's Got Ulterior Motives

Tuesday's episode of General Hospital will give viewers a chance to catch up with Dr. Kevin Collins. He has not been seen much in a while, but it seems Lulu Spencer will make an effort to check in with him. However, she will be quick to admit there's an ulterior motive of sorts behind her visit.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Lulu will check in on Kevin. The preview for the September 8 show that aired on ABC showed the two chatting at General Hospital. Spoilers suggest Kevin will be working, and Lulu will initially make it seem as if she is just casually stopping by to say hello.

Ultimately, however, it's something more specific that is driving this visit. These two have plenty of reasons to interact, so it may not be anything particularly serious that is on her mind.

As General Hospital viewers know, Kevin is married to Lulu's mom, Laura Spencer Collins. Given that, it could be this is just a daughter checking in with her stepfather on family-related topics.

However, with Lulu, it seems she probably has something else on her mind.

Jon Lindstrom plays Dr. Kevin Collins on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Craig Sjodin

She might be curious to get Kevin's take on Cyrus Renault's involvement with General Hospital. She's been throwing herself into the mix of this quite a bit, and spoilers have hinted the mobster's involvement with the facility will shake things up significantly.

It could also be that she reaches out to Kevin in relation to Brook Lynn Quartermaine. The two women are not friends at all, but Lulu has tried to lend her support in the wake of Nelle's attack on Brook Lynn. She may be hoping that Kevin can either check in on the recovering singer or help in some other way.

Whatever is behind Lulu's interest in chatting with Kevin, viewers know she's soon about to be blindsided. Her ex-husband Dante Falconeri is about to re-enter her life and all signs point toward this becoming an intense and complicated situation.

While Lulu is at the hospital with Kevin, teasers indicate Olivia Falconeri Quartermaine will be preparing to see her son again. Robert Scorpio arranged for her to visit Dante at the WSB facility in Geneva, Switzerland, and fans will see what happens next on this front during Tuesday's episode.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Dante will be back in Port Charles soon, and his return comes as Lulu's romance with teacher Dustin Philips is getting fairly serious. That will certainly be a dominant storyline in the weeks and months ahead, but fans may see during Tuesday's show that she's got something else demanding her attention in the meantime.