September 8, 2020
Laci Kay Somers Flaunts Her Bombshell Curves In Neon Lingerie For Her Latest Instagram Video

Buxom blond Laci Kay Somers tantalized her 10.9 million Instagram followers with her most recent share. In the sizzling video, which has since been removed from the site, she rocked barely anything at all. The clip was filmed in what appeared to be a large bathroom and there was a massive, modern walk-in shower visible behind Laci. The focal point of the video, however, remained her bombshell body in the neon lingerie set she wore.

Laci turned her body so that the camera captured her in profile, and she showed off her curves in a unique bra that featured cut-out details on the side. The back of the garment was essentially just a set of thin neon green straps that stretched around her back and over her shoulders, revealing a serious amount of skin.

The bottoms she paired with the revealing bra were equally skimpy — a thong style that exposed her pert posterior. Thin straps stretched over her hips and a small triangular patch of fabric nestled at her lower back.

Laci had one leg bent underneath her and the other extended behind her in a pose that emphasized her rear. She was barefoot and had both hands on the ground in front of her as she arched her back and showed off her booty.

Her long locks were styled in a deep side part, and the silver-blond tresses cascaded down her chest in sculpted curls that reached nearly all the way to the ground.

The clip was short, and Laci used the opportunity to flirt with the camera, giving it a few seductive glances while posing. She started the video with a big smile on her face and her eyes closed, and eventually stuck her tongue out flirtatiously as she smoldered for the camera.

Her followers loved the sexy share. The post received more than 94,300 views within just one hour of going live and also quickly racked up 583 comments from her eager audience.

"Looking so gorgeous," one follower wrote.

"Work it always making it look easy," another fan added, including several emoji such as two peaches in reference to Laci's ample assets.

"Just so absolutely beautiful," a third fan commented.

"Absolutely stunning omg so flawless," another remarked, including three heart emoji in his comment.

Just last month, as The Inquisitr reported, Laci treated her audience to a sizzling triple update captured while she was behind the wheel of a boat on Lake Tahoe. She wore a skimpy tie-dye bikini for the occasion, and the two-piece swimsuit showcased her curves to perfection as she appeared to be having a blast out on the water.