September 8, 2020
'Selling Sunset' Star Davina Potratz Gives Surprising Update On Stunning $75 Million Real Estate Listing

Selling Sunset star Davina Potratz says she has a potential buyer for that eye-popping $75 million listing she took on in Season 2 of the Netflix reality show.

In a new interview, the luxury realtor said one of her co-stars has someone who is interested in the sprawling Coldwater Canyon estate owned by home developer Adnan Sen.

"This is brand new information," Davina told E! News. "So, Maya [Vander] actually has an interested client, who's seriously considering it."

She added that the potential buyer is actually deciding between two of the developer's pricey properties – homes that have a $36 million price difference.

"Adnan has shown me another property of his that's $39 million. So, Maya's client is considering the $75 million house and the other property. They're looking at both right now as we speak. I'm very hopeful that we'll get an offer from Maya's client. That would be so fabulous!"
Davina added that no matter what an offer comes in at, she will present it to the developer. She also noted that the sale of the estate -- the biggest in the Oppenheim Group's history -- would make boss Jason Oppenheim "really happy too."

The cast of Selling Sunset pose for a portrait.
Netflix | Lindy Lin

Selling Sunset fans know that Jason and his brother, Brett, gave Davina a lot of pushback when she decided to take on the deal as a three-month pocket listing, which the seller originally wanted priced close to $100 million. The real estate professional finally talked Adnan down despite a general consensus that the gorgeous mansion probably wouldn't sell for anywhere near the price he is asking.

Davina recently told Screen Rant that despite his original three-month deadline for her to get the home sold, the wealthy homebuilder is currently still living in the house and is "not super motivated" to sell it.

"With that being said, if he gets an offer at 50 million I think he would consider it. He doesn't want to admit it to me that 'yeah I know maybe 75 is too much'... He wants to get the most money out of it. I totally get that. But I also know how this works."
The breathtaking 15,605 square-foot, seven-bedroom, 10-bathroom home features a chef's kitchen, in-home cinema and gym, wine cellar, and a gigantic pool set on an acre of land in one of the most sought-after areas in Southern California.

Selling Sunset creator Adam DiVello recently told Variety that the palatial property is so stunning that even his show's cameras couldn't capture how amazing it is.