September 8, 2020
'Selling Sunset's' Christine Quinn Says 'Certain Storylines' Took Away From How Her Wedding Day Looked On TV

Selling Sunset star Christine Quinn says she was "disappointed" by how her wedding to Christian Richard played out on TV.

The luxury realtor, who married her fiancé last December in an extravagant ceremony at a Los Angeles cathedral as reality TV cameras rolled, was unhappy that her winter gothic wedding was overshadowed by "certain" other storylines on the Netflix hit.

"It just didn't really showcase the way that it was," Quinn told People of the wedding footage that was aired on Selling Sunset's third season.

Quinn said that while her wedding was the best day of her life, it was hard for her to watch it play back on the show because so many important details were missing, such as the couple's vows, her carefully curated musical selections, and the theatrics of the million-dollar, themed extravganza.

"I understand they wanted to get certain storylines in there, but this was actually my day. This was my day, and I was just disappointed in the way it was perceived on camera and translated, unfortunately. I'm not going to lie, I was crying when I watched it."
Quinn's wedding episode included drama between her real estate colleagues, including Davina Potratz and Chrishell Stause. The latter co-star had a difficult time at the wedding, which was held just three weeks after her husband, This Is Us star Justin Hartley, blindsided her with divorce papers.

Chrishell Stause of Selling Sunset

Stause was reportedly on edge throughout the ceremony. Ahead of the reception, wedding planner Lisa Lafferty's team even had to alter her hand-calligraphied name card at the last minute to remove her ex's name.

"We cut [Hartley's] last name out just so she wouldn't have to sit there and see it," Lafferty told OprahMag.

The drama then kicked in when Davina implied the actress didn't tell the rest of the ladies the whole story of her divorce. That caused Stause to melt down and leave the reception.

"Everyone saw her storm off," the wedding planner said. "It was like, Wow, what's going on? It was kind of unavoidable. I felt bad, but it was hard to ignore it."

Lafferty told Page Six she did not bring the drama up to Quinn at the time because she wanted the bride to just "have her day," but fans know that in the show's Season 3 promo, the wedding meltdown was a highlight.

Of course, the bride has long taken issue with her co-star. The two women butted heads for most of the first two seasons of Selling Sunset, so Quinn's comment about "certain storylines" taking away from her day appears to be a shade towards her nemesis.