Lexi Brooke Collins Dead, 10-Year-Old Crafted Free Face Masks For Health Care Workers

Aaron Homer

Lexi Brooke Collins, a Texas girl who made face masks for health care workers, has died in an accident, People Magazine reports. She was 10 years old.

Back in April, when Lexi's school closed, the young girl found herself with time on her hands. Lexi, who had already won awards for her quilting, decided to put her tailoring skills to use and started making masks for health care workers.

"[Lexi] spent countless hours making much needed facial masks (approximately 100) for the Knox County community and surrounding counties," reads her obituary.

The masks she made were particularly useful to her family, many of whom are themselves health care workers.

At the time, Lexi's gift to area hospitals was featured on local news station KTXS.


Last Friday, according to her obituary, Lexi died in an ATV accident. Details of the accident have not been made public, as of this writing.


"With this exuberance of light and her servant's heart, Lexi gave so much joy and love to not only her family, but also to those who were blessed enough to have been a part of her life," reads her obituary.

Similarly, local politician Karen Logan described Lexi as "remarkable," via KTXS.

"Lexi was a remarkable child. She was bright, talented, wise beyond her years, but overall had the most precious spirit I've ever know [sic]," Logan said.

On Sunday, the town of Munday held a candlelight vigil for the young girl who brought her community to the national news. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the vigil had to be held according to social distancing guidelines. That meant that mourners and well-wishers were asked to congregate at an area park, standing at least 6 feet apart. Mourners held candles, flashlights, and cell-phone lights to honor the young girl.

Mourners who attended her funeral had to wear face masks and then go into self-quarantine for 14 days afterward, as a result of coronavirus-related concerns.

Meanwhile, the community of Munday is raising money to erect a bronze statue of Lexi in the town. People are asked to donate directly to a fund set up for that purpose, or they can purchase turquoise T-shirts that read "Live Like Lexi."

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best in some children, doing their part in ways large or small to provide whatever comfort they can in these uncertain times. For example, as CNN reports, two Ohio children brought some cheer to an elderly neighbor by dressing in their finest clothes and putting on a classical music performance on the neighbor's porch.