April 7, 2020
Spoilers For 'General Hospital': Molly's Reunited With TJ But Things Are Going To Be Complicated

Molly and TJ have been reunited after his kidnapping on General Hospital but spoilers indicate that there are still some major obstacles ahead for these two. It seems that Brando may turn out to be more of a factor in disrupting this reunion than fans originally anticipated.

Tuesday's show threw a shocker at fans. Last week, everybody saw Molly and Brando meet for the first time, and things quickly got pretty flirtatious between them. Fans seemed open to getting behind this potential pairing, but things between Molly and Brando escalated far more quickly than anyone expected.

During Wednesday's episode, Sam learned that TJ had been admitted to General Hospital and she went to Molly's place since she couldn't reach her sister via phone. Molly answered the door in a bathrobe and upon hearing the news, asked Sam to drive around the block once as she rushed to get dressed.

As SheKnows Soaps details, as soon as Sam departed, Brando walked into the living room and Molly's rattled demeanor was explained. Molly and Brando had hopped into bed with one another after those initial flirtatious moments, and now she's frazzled.

Of course, Molly was led to believe that TJ had ghosted her and his mom Jordan made it seem as if he wanted nothing to do with his girlfriend after his rejected proposal. Given that, Molly was heartbroken and thought she was single when she slept with Brando. Now, she knows that TJ never left her intentionally.

TJ did his best to explain why he had disappeared, although he doesn't know much. He suggested that he and Molly enter into a domestic partnership, and she said she thought it was a great idea. She told Brando as she left her apartment that their fling was a mistake and they had to act as if it hadn't even happened. Unfortunately, it may not be quite that easy.

General Hospital spoilers tease that Molly is going to find it more challenging to focus solely on TJ going forward than she expected. Molly will be acting strangely in the days ahead, something that TJ will initially write off to the pre-kidnapping failed proposal.

However, now it would seem that Molly will be greatly distracted by knowing that she slept with Brando while her beau was gone. She won't want TJ to find out about it, and it seems she may realize she's got some hard-to-resolve feelings for the Port Charles newcomer.

Not only that, but it probably wouldn't come as a surprise if in a few weeks Molly ends up pregnant, or at least had a pregnancy scare. General Hospital spoilers don't reveal many specifics about what's next for Brando, TJ, and Molly quite yet, but it certainly looks like this could get pretty wild.